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Womansylvania December 4, 2014 Women need their own country! The Jews got one called Israel. Women need it away from male thoughtlessness. Wars, violence, greed, rape, molestation, discrimination,  and all forms of abuse that have not served women’s consciousness since the beginning of ‘his-story’ are ‘raison d’etre’. There are millions of women who would die

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Dumb Like a Fox

Dumb Like a Fox November 6, 2014 I’ve never met a dumb person, or a smart person who didn’t have a dumb side, including myself! It’s dumb to let the fox guard the chickens, or the ego to guard the loving, aware person that you really are! WE are all ‘dumb’ about knowledge of many

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Cherry Pickin’ Religion

Cherry Pickin’ Religion December 2, 2014 Selective picking of the ‘good points’ on anything/one may or may not support an intelligent analysis. I’m always reminded of two people falling in love who need first to find real love within themselves. Too often, many ‘warning signs’ to a questionable relationship are inherent with one or both

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Atrophy of Freedoms November 15, 2014 While people in America are stretched too thin for time to pay attention to their ‘freedoms’, things are changing faster than at any time in history. Our shrinking freedoms are changing while the individual collectively is too busy with survival as well as entertainment.  They are carelessly thinking and

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Cuddling November 24, 2014 In Portland, Oregon there is a woman who has opened up a service for those who want cuddling. The human touch is vital to the happiness of our ‘hormones’. Hormones are ‘transmitters’ within the human being that in it’s own language are about wanting to ‘be loved’. Activating these ‘pleasure seekers’

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Blame Someone Else

Blame Someone Else! November 18, 2014 Accepting blame for anything is ridiculous! There are young children who are good role models where for example one blames the sibling for what ‘they’ really did. As time goes on one can only imagine the little boy who blamed another for something wrong, being drunk, and doing the

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