Would Jesus Text?

Would Jesus Text?

October 11, 2014
Fear of communication in the ‘age of communication’ makes for poor communication! In all of history, those who controlled the flow and content of communication by which the masses defined their circumstances and their mindsets, ruled. Hasn’t been that long since ordinary people had little means of communication, or the how’s, individually and beyond their own little community or village. Still, at this point, communication has two individual problems. One is not knowing how, the other is not doing it, especially on a personal level. Technology has thrown a wrench into personal communication advances by having millions do it with computer technology usually in using cryptic pixels that leaves the personal connection akin to ‘robot talk’.  
For most of life people remained in their little place of birth only setting out a few miles on foot. Near 100% of the world’s people were unknown, and out of touch with each other. A man teaching the word of God likely could not read or even talk so that others could grasp the message, not to mention that the message didn’t reach further than the size of a small county that the US has thousands of. 
With all the means of communication electronically today, a Jesus thoughts would be lost in the soup among thousands of others who have even more to say of value reaching out to millions. Only in recent years have we had an interactive communications web, and yet most of the world’s population is banned at this time from participation. It’s just been a few years since modern man evolved 200,000 years ago that humans have been able to have world interaction ( and, yet countries like China or Russia, and much of the middle east have blocks on communication from outside their countries). Inventions to facilitate interaction are constantly being developed or improved as we chip away at the billions under control and lockdown to ultimately break through so all beings on earth can communicate with each other.
Technological advancements may create a social communication opportunity, but still the personal communication hovers just above the stone age, or so it seems. Not only do political and religion systems put up barriers to truth but the human condition, even in America is such that communication among people who are close, from relatives, co- workers, friends, or lovers is fraught with areas that open conversation is rarely not limited. The majority of the world’s people have never had the experience of totally open communication with one person, and that includes married couples. Know and love thyself first. Disappearing into another into a deep love is where ‘texting will never take you’! Go deep in love and a more spiritual, conscious world opens!
You know that I care what happens to you,And I know that you care for me.So I don’t feel alone,Or the weight of the stone,Now that I’ve found somewhere safeTo bury my bone.And any fool knows a dog needs a home,A shelter from pigs on the wing…..

Who Are YOU?

WHO are YOU?
October 6, 2014
An answer likely indicates you think you are it who carries your name. The best response, which has to come from your deep inner self, that few come from, is the person who can reach that to know who they are, is NO RESPONSE. That ‘no response’ cannot be an ego answer because it’s ‘the answer’ to seem where you would like to think you are. Perhaps the second best answer would be, ‘NO ONE’! ‘I don’t know’ is an admirable answer too if it’s from your being. Certainly, it’s ok to think you are who you think you are whether it’s John Smith or Jane Doe with all the stuff about you even if you’re not as happy with it as you could be.
With all the changes in our current world situation including drugs and more drugs not to mention the stresses that people fall into, it’s very uncommon for all but the rare one to stay at their ‘center’. To be centered, is to be balanced. No ‘inner problems’ are unresolved, and you are consistently blissful within yourself as much as is possible. Anxiety, depression, and inner conflicts of all kinds seem to be attached to almost everyone. Often some form of medication including alcohol, a variety of illegal drugs as well as pharmaceutical drugs are inappropriately used to create harmful mind alterations. 
Think you know who you are with, but suddenly an unexplained change happens in their behavior, and if you address it, they often play victim, deny it, or be negative in their defense. Marriages and relationships slip into endless good times with conflicts, a ‘roller coaster relationship’. No one is who they think they are. The great human illusion is to see with only one set of poor eyeglasses that don’t serve the clear hearts ‘eyeglasses’. The location of truth and love is within you. Nothing should be of greater focus other than basic survival to seek truth and love to the highest realm. 
Today, more than ever in life, the aids to help you really be your blissful self are everywhere if you take the time to use them rather than abuse who you really are deep down that is put on the back burner that’s not working. Always, I suggest groups where you can find breakthrough techniques to release times blocks that keep coming up. Be open to different techniques to seek your inner bliss be it some form of love or meditation groups seeking the methods that work for you. The ‘breath of life’ is always key, and there are many ways to use the techniques to open the heart and a greater joy in life. On the way, always look for the positive in all situations! 

Soul House

Soul House
September 19, 2014
A house is not a home! Those who don’t really know themselves are occupying a house called a body. They may or may not be successful in the outer world. They may have incredible knowledge. Those who avoid the full essence of the soul in their house miss the ‘home’ of the soul. Loving yourself beyond the outer trappings is to journey inward while cleaning all the ‘messiness’ that clutters the rooms of the mansion of the soul. You are here at this ‘particular’ time to represent the light that the world is in dire need of. 
Are you a burned out bulb or stuck with a dimmer switch on low light where you cannot see within? All over the world, we are told ‘someone is checking on you to see if you are naughty or nice’. In reality, it’s your higher self checking to see if your ‘lower self’ is being let go of, or has abandoned ship. Reality is nothing but you as the perceiver through a clear mind, self, and soul. Never short change yourself in thinking you are any less than a manifestation of godliness incarnate. Just want to be as close as you can to your effervescence or higher self.
Why be like a ‘bar or tavern’ with mixed spirits playing with your life day in and day out. Not to say, that some of the finer people for conversation can’t be found in a good meeting place where the spirits enabling congeniality preside. An occasional few moments of celebrating life make for a lightness and playfulness.  Being too serious is to dim the lights of joy and blissfulness. 
The body, including the mind and heart, is the temple for the soul to grow and enrich itself. To use the ‘temple’ for less than that is to abuse the home of the soul leaving it to be a vacant house filled with confusion and harboring an open capacity for experiences that are not transformed into the higher realms of consciousness. Life is a ‘magical like’ opportunity to manifest you into a being that outshines any in the world’s holy books. No belief necessary when you can be the real thing that millions worship, and by beliefs from the writings of men centuries or ages ago long passed. 
Your soul mate is you mating or finding your inner essence. You are then what Christians call ‘the Second Coming’! Use the ‘breath of life’ by finding the love within through one of the many meditation breathing techniques and/or the deep love with another who is also open totally to be unconditional and reciprocal with you. Love is the answer, meditation can clear the way to the deepest love. There the soul is at home!

Stalking Isn’t Love

Stalking Isn’t Love
October 9, 2014
Repeatedly watching, following or harassing you within a relationship, or in a broken one is not an example of love. I’m currently witnessing a very attractive, classy professional 50 year old woman being watched, harassed, followed, and verbally abused by an ex boyfriend, middle aged, possessive, Don Juan wannabe. Like millions today who haven’t found out who they really are in their available ‘high consciousness’, he flirts with substance abuse while deeply involved with his delusions as well as ‘friendship’ with inner demons. 
Many people stalk themselves while attracting another who does the same. That ‘self stalking’ is a repeated, often endless pattern of continuing to follow their inner faults, and unresolved issues through out a relationship, or serial relationships. You attract what you cling to inside yourself! Examining thyself, and making modifications is to unwrap the real beauty that hides inside you. The world is filled with negativity. All that’s necessary to have lots of it is to carry lots of it inside yourself. You and all were created for a purpose. Once you figure out what that purpose is blissful fortune smiles upon your life. Who you love always needs to be questioned as to why and how much.
Few can love so deep that love doesn’t need to be said anymore and just a breathing part of life, but only when all negative blocks are dissipated. Most are stuck with something they call love because they occasionally feel the emotion, and erroneously think that is all there is. Love is given out to everyone. The tragedy is that few breath in the whole supply to fill their very being with self perpetuating love endlessly. Your real true life companion to make you whole is to be filled with an abundance of love, and not just glimpses of it between depression, anxiety, and every type of other fear and limitation imaginable. 
Pay attention to your heart. At times it may hurt or suffer but would you want a heart that didn’t feel, or even one that was excited at all times even when the moment is inappropriate? Love is freedom! Love does not possess! Love communicates. Love wants what the other wants for themselves without hurting anyone. Throw away self stalking, or stalking after someone else’s self and move closer the the lightness of love and happiness. Let the heart dance to the waiting joy within. Love is between two, but is first in you! Be happy and dance into the light of love, for it’s your purpose in this unique time on earth.  Show your love!
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W T F !!alt
September 21, 2014
In my meditation walk this early morning, I had the idea of a common type of friend that for one reason or another, we all have little contact with, but regard them as a ‘light’ friend. Those light friends, many of whom, we would not necessarily want to be closer to are important for our ‘sociable needs’, and a little psychological comfort. Anyway, it occurred to me that they are ‘weather talk friends’ or WTF. Then I realized that’s a popular acronym for ‘what the fuck’! Yikes! Doing a survey of a few people today, most I strangely found most are not aware of that popular usage.
This acronym WTF is ‘friendly small talk’ for a few moments, the ‘weather’ being a popular, non confrontation one. Friendliness, even short small talk is healthy for the psych. An important key to good relationships is to know how close to come to the other for maximum ‘feel good’. Too close to anything means just that! Harmony is a crucial quality in all personal connections with humans. Too close means there is disharmony, hence in most marriages where one or both are not in harmony with themselves, and less so then with the other who likely is also in disharmony with themselves. 
Harmonious positioning with all aspects of life is to use the most positive connection possible. That ‘friendliness’ may best just be a smile or a ‘hi’ with no expectation of a return greeting. Experiencing more than talking about the weather with someone who carries a lot of turmoil within is to test your skills at how best to relate, and not pick up ‘vampire’ energy from the other. Many people’s problems stem from lacking ‘skillful means’ to communicate with another or to know how much to communicate. 
The humorous political sage, Will Rogers made many quotables, here’s one:
‘’There are three kinds of men: the ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves.’’ Conversely, there are many types of people. Be loving as much as possible to all, but know when you’re pissing in the wind by being too close to someone. Psychological dependency can be a trap especially when the wind is blowing. Chances are inevitable that you are already doing it to yourself by not being focused on knowing and seeing who you really are. Wake up, get serious, and have fun!


Your Wife is My Friend

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Oct. 2, 2014

Love means freedom. Freedom with love, and all its qualities such as trust, communication, compassion, openness, etc. Control, manipulation, and domination kill freedoms, and of course ‘love’. Love on ‘crutches’ always misses the ‘mark’. Friendship is vital to not only a couple in love, but the freedom to have friendship with others ‘independently’ apart from with other couples. 

The old marriage was about a roller coaster of existence. The old marriage canceled most connection with friends both old and new, male and female. The old marriage was a lot about survival as well as survival of the marriage even to the point of enclosing yourself from the ‘we’ that you once pledged in love to one another. ‘You’re the only one for me’ has been compromised by serious doubts as well as the state of the moment in life of the world where social norms of marriage have all but disintegrated. Today’s world makes it socially more acceptable to ‘go it alone’. Still, couples are frequently locked in a ‘love-freedom closeout’ as well as being trapped in a relationship going no where but ‘same ole, same ole’ … at best. 

Great couplings are a total submerging into one another creating a ‘third person’ called an us or a we (three) – you, me, and we! Wherever you go, the we is there, and yet the total commitment allows for the freedom of each other. It is that giving of freedom to the other that creates a deeper bonding to treasure each other. Most couples put ‘chains’ on each other, or ‘put their heads in the sand’ about each others time apart from the ‘we’ which isn’t bonded but based on ‘loose assumptions’ that don’t serve a deepening love. 

Marriage must never become an obligation like a business arrangement, or be a coupling for fear of being alone to protect what has become a ‘going through the motions’. Compassion in a deep love is automatic. In a love that is dysfunctional it’s an opportunity for being in the heart, and deciding to do your best in rising above problems, or removing yourself while with total empathy, compassion, and respect for the other. 

Today’s woman, in particular favors breaking the chains of past millenniums of being subservient to a man. Today’s evolved man wants a woman he loves to have all freedom she desires. As a ‘we or us’, each other’s mind and heart is melted into the other beyond the old necessity to be fearful, untrusting, possessive, jealous, etc. Love needs to be a celebration which naturally happens when two come as one! 

Reptillian Brain

Reptilian Brain

September 22, 2014
Every human has some degree of the ‘reptilian brain’. In a sense, most are still connected to the ‘neanderthals’ or cavemen, largely the reason for the chaos of the world of spiraling technology that the undeveloped mind-heart connection is incapable of adjusting to with out ‘inner development’.  Humans throughout history were essentially ‘living off the land’, and living to just survive even when brute force was necessary to survive. Time, information, responsibilities, and general environment made it near impossible to focus on the finer points of evolving into the ‘higher self’.
For most of history, humans like animals developed a nervous system that allowed them  means of survival. Somewhere in time before written history there became an evolutionary link many scientists feel between reptilians such as lizards and dinosaurs that began slowly manifesting in the development a will and dominance. The process was not very ‘biblical’. Humans, to one degree or another, have this ‘reptilian brain’ that often rules their lives. It shows itself for example in:
     • Obsessive-compulsive behavior (referred to as OCD, D standing for     ‘disorder’).
     • Personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts
     • Programming of needing to exercise of old ways of doing things
     • Obedience to precedents, as in legal, religious, cultural, etc. matters
     • And all forms of deception
Today in this opening age of enlightenment among a growing small percentage still, the more mature can examine life, and its highest inner opportunities. There is little interest in the ‘reptilian’ penchant to acquire power, and the ‘new human’ is unlikely to succumb to the manipulations of proselytizing, propagandizing, and demagoguery. The evolving human is seeking personal inner identity while seeking opportunities for peaceful resolution and advancement of the common good which is invisible to the more ‘reptilian mind’. The ‘reptilian mind’ promotes control of others through fears creating insecurities in the weak or uninformed masses. Another term would be ‘vampiring energy’ and taking advantage of those not rising in consciousness.
Those moving away from terms of the reptilian like ‘psychopathy or sociopathy’, where most all actions are guided by self gratification with little or no empathy and compassion, are the lights of spiritual consciousness. You have the best chance to evolve as an example for others, the world, and the personal blissful godliness that you are here at this time to fulfill.

99% of Males Abused

99% of Males Abused
September 27, 2014
The greatest abuse is that which you put upon yourself!  Abuse comes relative to one’s perception. Abuse might take any form or circumstance apart from coming through another human. That which causes emotional, psychological, physical, mental, spiritual discomfort or possibly enduring life harm is abusive or harmful. Early abuse is usually beyond a child’s capacity to understand why their actions or non actions created an adult action that hurt them to the very core of their being, which is generally innocence. As one grows up, it is then that many abuses have their origin from choices that the ‘adult’ makes.
One with early abuses in their perception, and often ‘credible’, lie in wait for infinite circumstances that attract more, or ever are the fuel to be the abuser. You cannot change that which you are unaware of. Many, males or females are abusive unknowingly or not taking responsibility for. Unexamined behaviors and corrections are sadly the norm for most of humanity. Particularly in the US, changes at this time are happening at such a fast pace that the ‘right use of time’ has taken a back seat to satisfying the outer ‘outer offerings’ at the expense of attention given to the inner. 
Abuse, until recent years, has been largely uncommunicated to the vast majority. With the advent of greater communication through the medias, especially on the internet and cameras everywhere, the lights on everything are giving a feedback of activities never before collectively seen as common. The hidden personal abuses of infinite generations passed are now exposed as continuing presently, but subject to being seen, and hopefully a reminder to come from the heart and doing good.
The more sensitive gender of the female has been the victim, more hidden or covert, of abuse than was ever imaginable before the continued exposing of information denied or cloaked in all the past. Like ‘slaves’, until beginning in the last century, recognition of them and other categories were treated as not of the quality of white males. I’ve talked to many, many females over the last few years, asking them if they were abused as children or adults by males sexually or physically. To my surprise, those who had been adults for a few years answered more in the affirmative. When asked as to what percent of adult females in this country did they think were abused physically or sexually, including rape or unwanted molestation by males, they invariably said 60-90%!
Abuse from others must not be left without a dedication to let go of the ‘webs of coagulation of the mind, heart and spirit. Attract those with harmony, in their heart, and positive. 

Sticky Love

Sticky Love
 September 29, 2014
Love can be a demon! Some love is best to run from, at least without hurting the one you are/were stuck on. Love is perfect, but ‘mixed love’ that never gets a solid, positive footing with its elements of negativity swirling within it, can be a hopeless drama that has no end, unless you move on and recover while learning from the experience. You don’t need to be with someone to love them. Nor, do you need to not love another. Love is very capable of moving to a new house, so to speak, and still treasure where it has been. Love never dies.
Love wants to be where it is most able to express itself, and share that expression with another who has no limitations in their heart. When one or both won’t let go of personal unresolved issues that make the love connection problematic, the situation becomes ‘sticky’. When one tries to disconnect, sometimes the other exhibits recurring displays of resistance that make the physical disconnect ‘sticky’. Love that is mixed with unresolved issues of one or both is like food laced with a hidden, addictive drug, or even a drug laced with some foreign matter that cheapens it for the seller but gives the buyer some of what he thinks he’s getting. So it is with most love. There is usually enough of the real thing to cover up the fears and ‘problematic things’ that create a negative dependency.
Roller coaster love always is sticky. To extricate yourself from the ‘battles of love’ is a phenomenon of karma for being where angels fear to tread, but you nevertheless took the plunge. Love can turn into a battle field where unresolved issues have come to the surface to hopelessly demand a harmony where the egos of dissension rule. 
The secret of relationship is the same as living in California: Don’t dwell on the faults. Focus on what is working, not the negative. Relationshits come from not paying attention. The darkness is not your destiny. No matter how bad your past was you can start now.
All it takes is one person to see your highest possibilities, and you humbling yourself to be open and in your heart. If no one out there is doing that, let that one person be you. Quit identifying with your difficulties, finding justifications for them and arguing them. Become a force for your own potential. Shift your attention to what is going right and how great it could be.
There is a rhythm in the harmony of life and love that needs you to harmonize with! Make smooth music within for a classic dance with the joy and blessings that will follow it. Falling in love might just be a ‘fall’. Rise in love together endlessly! Why get stuck in love that only gets stuck in ‘sticky love’?


Jesus – WhistleBlower

Jesus – WhistleBlower

September 17, 2014
Truth teller. The one who doesn’t let any lie slip by.  One who has inside knowledge of a corruption, deception, dishonesty, lie, etc. The story of Jesus, was about a man who was here to wake up the dead, apathetic, deceitful, disingenuous, and those who were guided by greed and control of others to their misfortune. According to the holy books, God was the ultimate ‘whistleblower’. Even as little children, we are told some invisible spirit (God) is watching you. To make it in 3-D we have a Santa Claus who it’s said is to be watching whether you are good or bad if you want presents on the ‘holy’ day of Christmas. 
‘Whistleblower’ has become a new popular term for those that expose corruption in government, religions, corporations, politics from the local to high level, and anywhere greed slithers in the dark unbeknownst to those who should or would care. We live in a world where the few control the many, and usually to the fews advantage. Upsetting the controllers applecart with honesty is tantamount to risking your life’s order. Religion and politics are in bed with each other to serve their illusion of power through fear of reprisals to those who call a spade a spade and expose the lies.
Religion and politics at this time both serve, and beneath the good, take. Religion serves the non questioning follower, and like government offers a better life, but for the alert, through ‘spin’ of truths with lies. Benjamin Disraeli, a 19th century British Statesman said, ‘There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics’.  More than ever, we need to be aware of the possibility of information corruption, and not for your benefit. 
Be the ‘whistleblower’ on yourself for illusions, embedded fears, lack of self love, ignorance, acedia, etc. Ultimately, to change this ancient world facing spiraling technology, it has to start with you exposing errant programing from childhood into an adult world with the chaos on information overload. The vast majority of the people have no interest in knowing the truth…really. Most are willfully ignorant.
The end justifies the means? “If right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.” Camouflaging truth to cover deception for the gain of the few, rules much of the world. Time to get up inside, and clear the clouds around the heart! Then, question all the outer for truth, particularly politicians and the myths that religions salesmen proselytize. The lights of the world are on! Turn your lights of truth on!