Smoking Supresses Love

Smoking Suppresses Love
March 28, 2014
Smoke gets in your eyes, and in your heart. Smoke eaters are people who smoke little, a lot, or not at all…anymore. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic is a phrase told to millions who’ve had a drinking problem. Likewise, once a smoker, you are always hiding behind the smoke with issues that are ‘anti love’.  Smokers can be wonderful or brilliant people, but one thing they are not, unless what negative made them smoke is ‘exorcised’ or let go of. A healthy being is able to express a full emotion filled love. By that, is not meant not loving in it’s many expressions, but smoked out from deep love of a partner.

Smokers and past smokers tend to be defensive of their habit as having no effect on them much like an alcoholic or drug user is resistant to own their weaknesses. One fella, from years ago, when I confronted him about his smoking and meditation (not smoking AND meditating at the same time, of course!)made the absurd claim that smoking relaxed him before meditating! Millions of people do something kinda opposite, and have a smoke right after sex! No cuddling and relaxing, just wanting a smoke! Has the value of what could have been ‘love making’ gone up in smoke?!

Smokers apparently are smoke screening the value of love-making! If God could walk up (or down here), would God smoke? We complain of the possible dangers of ‘chem trails’ in the sky, denying the ones we eat by smoking! Smoking or it’s residual effects from prior times, needs cleaning up like an oil spill needs cleaning up to save the oceans fish and wildlife.

Many times I’ve heard a smoker who has someone they love in their life exclaim, ‘I’m afraid to love too much and get hurt’! Anything blocking letting go with a total love needs to be minimized to just a memory you are unattached to. Smoking is always the tip of the iceberg of unresolved issues. They remain ‘smoked but alive’ even after years of quitting until you stop, and begin methods to become free of the so called demons haunting you. The real habit to conquer is the inner habit of not getting free of what makes you depressed, moody, and just plain negative all too often. People are rarely addicted to ‘smoking’, but to the little voice inside that wants to ignore something uncomfortable ‘welling up’ inside that says, ‘I gotta have a smoke break’!

One of the sweetest people I know yesterday said to me that she had a ‘scan’ at the hospital the other day that showed small signs of emphysema, and if she continued she’d be on a breathing aparatus in a few short years. Knowing her, she’ll never smoke again! Love smiles when the smoke leaves, and you start saying goodbye to life’s negatives that imprisoned, and retarded your love.

Escape from Love Using Kids

Escape from Love Using Kids

 April 6, 2014
Loving kids more than a mate, might mean somethings wrong! Money and media mogul, Donald Trump has said he’s a good father but just an ok husband to his ‘trophy’ wife. Love of money as a replacement for deep love is what it is, but certainly not the best use of love over the carnal aspects of the brain. In other words, it’s ‘abuse of love’. Greed and love  together are like a yacht dry docked for enjoyment. Somethings always missing and even if it’s on the water, the energy required to keep it afloat will inevitably steal from the energy of love for another. Can’t buy love!

From another of many viewpoints of hiding behind love for kids is the person like Trump who fears the complete vulnerability you can only have totally in mutual love with one partner! Today, there are many women who are alone except for kids at some stage but mostly as time goes on,  they are older as adults making their own lives while mommy wonders where all the love that should fill the depth of her heart is? Children ultimately move into their own lives looking for that deep magic of love, the kind that no mother or father can give.

That attachment closes the door on the evolving journey toward seeing the love within for yourself, and for another in a mutual unconditionalness. The excuses talking to the brain are usually that they can’t find anyone and if they do, it’s usually a different but carbon copy of themselves. Why be stuck in not knowing what to do. Giving love to kids in some ways is like giving it to a pet dog. In fact, I’ve witnessed more love for dogs or cats than for kids, and certainly for another.

Love not total and mutual with another is to fall into a loneliness and eventual incompleteness that is your choice to not use available assistance to move beyond your personal attached to ‘road blocks’. It doesn’t take a miracle to let go of what negatives you hang on to. It’s a miracle today that you just don’t through different forms of heart exercise and brain unloading using many forms of meditation and choice of always taking the high road in all decisions. Self punishing or self loving is a choice of one or the other. Self punishing will never ever meet the love in anyone that moves beyond the self abuse as even the other being manifesting total self love will end up in both being emerged in frustration. Low grade love never mixes well with a higher grade of love. Look within, and not outside for some miracle cure. You have the seeds of the greatest love possible, and only you can make it manifest. Hop on the love trail and stop hiding behind ‘excuses’! Drop being the ‘Phantom of love’!

Friends are Acquaintances

Friends are Acquaintances
 inspirational quotes
April 4, 2014
‘Friends’ for the most part are like clouds in the sky floating by.
The social networks like Facebook on the internet have put a new reality light on the meaning of ‘friends’. When you look to see if they are there a little later, they have come and gone! Sometimes that’s the way it is because of circumstances you have little control over. Sometimes it’s a part of the journey of life to meet, enjoy, and then travel on. ‘Friend’ is a ‘catch all’ word that even includes someone else’s pet dog. In fact, the reception is usually better!

A friend is someone always open with a smile to receive a connection with you, and be available to making your life nicer in as much as they can. A friend is always sensitive to you even if time passes and the only connection is in your memory and heart. A friend is one who opens their heart to give and receive the energy of love always available for an appreciative moment of exchange. A friend always leaves you with a memory of godliness, and a sense of love!

Who you think is your friend is either an acquaintance or a conditional friend always ready to disconnect with even the slightest ‘verbiage’ that they choose to interpret in a way that does not jive with your real intent. There are many ways that so called friends (even so called good ones) will disappoint you with rejection. If you would do the same thing though, time to take up deep meditation, and clear the cobwebs of deception and conditional behavior. People who have found love of themselves within, although still rare, are always there for positive connection even though you may not be. Actions speak loudest.  Also, words are loud even if they come from behind a mask hiding unresolved negatives from the past.  Be thankful in knowing anyone who is clear of negative issues. Let them know you are grateful, for they are angels who are guides toward the light.

Life is a happening that presents infinite challenges good or bad as well as beyond challenges. The ‘beat goes on’! Stay above the frays, and always move to relaxation and a meditative space. Come from the heart. The mind can be your curse when you can’t invite the heart energy up. Your open heart is a true friend. The mind is ‘fickle’ and can go anyway. Breath deep, and stay in awareness!

Red Pill or Green Pill?

Red Pill or Green Pill

March 23, 2014

All but a few of the population are on the ‘Red pill’, or the third pill for personal evolvement. The ‘red pill’ is for those who by inaction are just treading water or ‘just stuck’ in the same ole, same ole! The ‘Green pill’ people, have decided to move forward in their personal growth and awareness. These, regardless of income success, are the movers and shakers, and iconoclasts of the moment. The ‘greens’ are the future rising consciousness of the planet in the race to catch up with out of control technological developments. Then there are those who have taken some ‘black pill’ to serve themselves at the expense of everyone. These are the ‘world controllers’ as are the Rothschilds.

Actually, there are at least four pills in the matrix of the human current condition of waking up while most sleep drugged out by the ‘red pill’. That pill is the hope for the rise of the human consciousness into a new man and woman in whatever combination they are (transgender or…). Most of humanity at the moment are ‘idiots’ of one variety or evolution or the other. Mogul billionaire Donald Trump is one of the most evolved of the idiots which I refer to as the ‘super idiot’. The ‘super idiot’ is often a mover and shaker but at the expense of real personal evolvement. That evolvement begins with the ‘Amber pill’ which is those who are ready to jump into the elusive ‘green pill’ matrix.

The ‘amber pill’ I also refer to as the ‘moron pill’. The ‘morons’ are ‘more-on’ than the masses, including Mr. Trump who is stuck on ‘ego’ control. The ‘more-on’s’ have stepped into the higher realms in search of inner godliness without the attachments to the material as well as non material that the idiots or ‘red pill’ people have done. The ‘amber pill’ people are open, actively to loving all, and on the path to loving unconditionally someone, and not just children, especially their own.

‘More-on’ people are rarely sheeple who follow the path of any ‘belief system’ or  doctrine. ‘More-on’ people are beginning to value the ‘inner’ over all outer rewards. In a sense, they are awakening to a new reality on the quest to ‘superconsciousness’. The ‘amber pill’ types are discovering the freedom to love with no guide lines, but compassion and sensitivity. At some point in this, the light turns green hopefully, and some of them become deeply ‘being human’ (or real human beings) as an expression of godliness.

‘Green pills’ are the ‘gardeners of love’, and by their own example of deep self love! Do you hear that bell? It’s time to wake up to reality, and see that the ‘white light’ you may see is the ‘White Pill’ of enlightenment or superconsciousness.

Escaping Love

Escaping Love 
March 24, 2014
Few of our future dead will have experienced the unconditional love of a partner. We love our children unconditionally, but that’s an inbred love quality that has little to do with a complete love for a partner, and even more so with both walking together as one experiencing the ultimate depths of love. For thousands of years in ones ancestry, shoddy love has been passed from generation to generation, and up to you!

The ways people actively seek to escape moving into a deeper love are infinite, and mostly oblivious to themselves. It starts before the first hint of love with an unrelated person, and builds as they project their inability to sustain a meaningful love on the other who is a victim of their selfish refusal to make all changes within to improve their giving and receiving of love. More often than not, that same  situation applies from the other person also. Two wrongs don’t make a right! Likely neither will ever rise above where they were in giving and receiving love than before the early feelings of love started.

The blame usually rests with their upbringing involving some forms of trauma be it this abuse or that one especially molestation or rape from an adult. Never in these times of every way possible to ‘fix a  broken spirit’ is it anything but ignorance and selfishness to continue ignoring the routes to the highest expressions of love. Our ancestors through
the centuries, did have more reason to never recover with little or no information on how to do it. Beginning in the later 20th century, the ways to rise in love, and beyond the self abuse that’s blamed on others are infinite, but most ‘sufferers of rocky love’ frequently ignore them all but superficially.

The greatest blessing, and opportunity in life is to fill oneself with the ability to transcend all prior conditions to move into the ether of the gift of love. Without that achievement it is impossible to be anything more than a walking construct of the mental, regardless of  successes in the outer world. Even to be loving to others is often a charade and evasion of taking the effort, and time to fix love within. Phony love is ‘puppy love’ that never matured beyond the self criticism of the infant stages. There will never be another time than to start kicking yourself in the butt right now, right here, 24/7 to find ways to rise on the path of love where you can both give and receive it totally from another. Excuses are self abuse, and ESPECIALLY abuse of anyone else who loves themselves fully ! IT’S ALWAYS YOU WHO IS THE CAUSE! God or godliness is not reachable without ultimate self love! It’s time to make your inner the #1 priority!

Are You on Meds?

Are You on Meds?
March 21, 2014
Unlike a few years ago, it seems that most everyone I encounter is on ‘meds’ of one form or the other! Drugs like Cepacol, vicodin, zocor, zanex, microzide, and then viagra, cialis, pot, heroin, coke, sugar, etc. Even Noah’s ark is a drug to substantiate or reaffirm the beliefs and faith of Christians or Muslims. On the ‘Noah’s Ark drug, not only have none of the credible researchers of religion myths found no evidence of an ark, but it defies all logic to have housed all kinds of animals, two by two!  Faith and belief in a non provable ‘theory’ from ancient times, drugs you from having objective questioning.

Meds for pains and disabilities used properly are sometimes a godsend to millions, but most can be dangerous, or at best a placebo unlikely to improving you into a positive healthy being way!!!

Medication ‘abuse’ is all too common. Case in point is one ‘young middle age’ guy with fibromyalgia pains who lived here at the Yesss Center for a while, was prescribed a couple, three medications, which didn’t kill his pain enough so he would drink a glass of milk with vodka in it which he claimed helped sooth the pain! He didn’t drink other alcohol.

The human body with its mental and emotional capacities is of course like an extremely fragile instrument. Most abuse all or some of themselves, often to cover up previous abuse physically, mentally, or emotionally. Meds in one form or other are usually an ‘experiment’ without knowing if they will elevate or heal whatever is affected, or just the human consciousness. Medications, although sometimes helpful, are often a replacement of symptoms that a life of using a meditation could alleviate a need for ‘meds’. In a sense, we are being used as ‘lab rats’ or guinea pigs for future generations. Important to ‘wake up’ rather than pop what could be ‘fantasy pills’ because sleep is better than having to ‘think’!

Living in a capitalistic society where everyone is working to support their lifestyle, many allow themselves to be consumed by the search for more answers to their desires than need be. Corporations, in particular are always trying for more earnings each year, sometimes unchecked by outside sources for the best interest of the consumer. One such industry is ‘pharmaceutical companies’ often poorly self regulated or poorly regulated by the government resulting in a steady marketing of meds for everything. Human individual neglect of healthy living over the years coupled with an addictive personality that seeks what they perceive as a quick solution to any, and all ailments leads to dependency and misuse of all kinds of meds instead of living a life using meditation and harmonious living. The best replacement for drugs is self love and awareness.

Potty Training Sheeple

Potty Training Sheeple

March19, 2014
Puppies, kittens, and baby’s need to learn the basics of the body functions of urination in terms of when, where, and perhaps ‘how’. Humans take many, many months longer, even 2 or 3 years longer. When it comes to other responsibilities, that’s where human’s as the guardian of the planet and consciousness need much more time and thought.

It’s great that you are a good person, perhaps a mother, father, worker, social activist, educated, god believer, athlete, friendly person, giver, and et cetera, but….? Being a ‘good person’ or a good doggie or cat is one thing, but …? Human beings are rarely ‘being human’ as a reflection of godliness. The world is filled with dead and alive humans that never got beyond ‘survival and pleasure seeking’ potty training, hence ‘sheeple’. You see, few really are open to the inner pearls of wisdom that make them a giving/receiving, positive, open minded and heart being, always looking to be more of the aforementioned.

Do you close off the inner you to others, not to mention yourself? Potty training is on different levels. The highest level is a human being open emotionally and spiritually, and manifesting that as being observable to those few who are.

Albert Einstein said that giving nukes to humanity is like giving razor blades to a four year old. Giving humans life without the passion to develop the inner has become like leaving humans hardwired only with the innate desire of greed for more of the material. Humanity has endlessly found itself lost in the repetitive cycle of just surviving, and being the subject of endless conflict both personally, and throughout the wars of fractured societies. Suddenly, the world has been thrust into an environment with all the inventions and perks to rise above endless calamity. Why be a world of calamity within, AND it’s your choice to continue that ‘self abuse’.

Typically, humans window shop, and desire more and more of what material life suddenly blossomed up in this ‘technological age’, and without paying attention that it’s also the best time in earth’s life to seek the treasures of inner communication, and the outward expression of it’s openness and vulnerability. Mostly those who ‘think they are open and evolving’ are window shopping, and living in an ‘ego illusion’. Avoiding inner evolvement, and it’s denial is most everywhere you look. Hiding behind the mask of who you and others see you as is really the ‘sin of life’. Time is now to look in the mirror of who you really are in back of the broken tape that keeps spinning the past, and it’s irrelevancy to the real beauty of you …. waiting for you to come home to the real, positive you!

Rewire Your Brain

Rewire Your Brain
March 17, 2014
See with sensitivity what is going on, but be able to ‘communicate it’. Look around and see someone who doesn’t have childhood abuses and negativities that you had, AND that still bother you. Make a choice to see and understand the ‘gap’ (and separate it from ‘outward successes’) between your inner discomfort, and their lack or near lack of it. Moving ahead into a healthy inner and outer is NOT going to happen without you acknowledging the past negativity you are carrying, and ‘owning’ it in the moment. ‘Owning it’ involves seeing and accepting your negative limitations as well as acknowledging them to others, particularly a partner. Humbleness is godliness.

This isn’t about just ‘comparing’ yourself to another, but seeing someone who is more sensitive, loving, aware, etc. If you can’t see someone like that, there are a couple, three possibilities. One possibility being that you are not ‘sensitized enough to see that in anyone’! Unblock yourself and focus on being more sensitive, opening up your heart and mind more. Begin questioning others who seem to exhibit a less ‘problematic’ nature. Ask them about their childhood, and if there were damaging contributions? Perhaps there were not, or they were minor. We all are the ‘product’ of what came before, and that’s only fair, but you can with sustained focus move beyond inner blocks from childhood.

See that you, the inner you, is as perfect as anyones. The difference between people is living in an outer you (which is often mistaken for the inner ‘real you’), and not letting the ‘real inner you’ come out to heal that damaged perceived ‘inner/outer’ you. You must become the ultimate, loving, ‘mothering being’ to the unnecessarily fearful, angry, self doubting you. Love grows both for yourself, and for another as you develop that mothering your inner self nature.

The ‘intellect’ is useful, and to be admired, but common sense intelligence is more important for a loving life. Being short on the mothering love of yourself is like someone studying all aspects of footfall, watching it, playing catch, and so forth but not having the passion and experience to play with those who do. Love is not a mental concept, but an ocean of moving deep within yourself, and being able to mirror that with someone(s). Reading all the books to make you more of a genius is like learning football for knowledge, but not knowing the ‘giving and receiving’ in active participation.

It’s always good to ask yourself ‘where am I going’ and what can I do to know myself more than yesterday and today. Put more gas in your tank, and use a GPS direction tool called ‘meditating’ to open your energies and insights that will direct you to a more blissful life. Life or godliness awaits as a helper for your ‘breakout’ into a more enlightened experience.


Mothering is God

Mothering is God

 March 16, 2014
No one can define God! Believing in anything is an admission of having doubts by definition. Whatever the definition of God, without the unconditional love of someone, no God is going to be the substitute of the quality of someone giving unconditional loving. There is no replacement for loving, sensitive caring that gives all it can with little or no expectation of return. Miss the experience of the loving beauty of mothering from the heart, and unless finding it later, you will not ever be a fully loving being toward yourself or any other.

In my childhood, which was wonderful and with no significant traumas, only good memories remain. My father worked a lot, but participated with the 6 of us kids almost daily. The first two years of my life were spent mainly with my teenage mother as the oldest child. If I had a complaint about her mothering, I’d have to make it up. Oddly, she never said, ‘I love you’ but her actions expressed only that. Mothering, like ‘saying you believe in God’, is an everyday action that doesn’t need to be put into words. Actions speak louder than words.

Erratic or incompleteness of mothering as a child is not the end and end all. ‘I love you’ is frequently said to children by their parents, but as the children reach adult age, many know that there was often an emptiness in the words more often than their hearts would like. Many parents experienced the same thing from their parents, and never ‘recovered’  the hurt from the lack of lovingness or mothering.

With a lack in quality mothering, you require inner action to focus on loving who brought you up with an understanding of why they couldn’t, and didn’t know how to give all the loving that you wanted. It’s up to you to compensate for the ‘gap’ of not enough love, and finding deeper love within yourself. That requires a conscious intent to always be rising to the highest heartfelt emotions and outlook that is available for you to reach.

You deserve to have it all! Every peak of love and mothering is available to all who let go of the disadvantages of the past, and use them with an open heart and mind to reach the available heights of knowing yourself as love. Missing out on all the love possible is a ‘trap’ of the ego and self punishment. In a way, it’s to be ‘selfish’ to yourself, and any other. The richness of full love is within, and if possible with a partner as well as life and humanity. Appreciate life in gratefulness!

Be a Mother Lover

Be a Mother Lover
March 13, 2013
Has anyone been a ‘best mother’ to you? Everyone needs a ‘best mothering’! Until you’ve received the ‘best mothering’, life will present many psychological, emotional, and physical problems year in and year out. You don’t have to have had a childhood of being a child of a terrific mothering, but somewhere along the line, less than ‘terrific’ has to be let go of so the ‘best mothering’ can come from someone or ones, possibly the other half of your coupling. When a man mother’s his best friend and partner, and conversely a woman does the same – voila! An ‘enlightened coupling’!

No one’s perfect, and yet everyone’s perfect as they are! For what went into your life, you are a perfect representative of it. That may be wonderful, or as with most, an almost daily battle psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In back of who you think you are, and others see, is the real you! That’s perfect, and life should be about spending most of it BACK THERE where you can see that you are everything wonderful about you!

People, especially those closest, particularly if you are part of a couple, need mothering as you can imagine it at its highest living example. I am your mother, and you are mine. Two people in high consciousness need not even be concerned about that ‘mothering’ identification – it just happens naturally, and you both walk in the light together or apart.

I know of a middle age, pretty woman who apparently has been a good mother, but she’s from a mother who was less adept at ‘mothering’. She has since teens been in a series of relationships. In each (and differently), she feels abused, much like her mother abused her in between partial moments of love. That abuse goes back to her mothers abuse by her mother (and father), and on and on going back to before any recording of lives. In other words, ‘pretty woman’ is programmed to attract abuse, likely inviting some of it by actions from her earlier abuse. Her partners also lacked the loving qualities of mothering. In her less than happy emotional state the resistance to stop abusing herself seems automatic. A focus on awareness,  the wise discernment of who to be close to, letting go of the attachment to the negative past, and deep meditation will catapult her out of the throes of rotating hurt and snippets of love.

She, like you and everyone, needs the warm, compassionate love of mothering, both to give AND receive! Love needs to reach its peaks and needs peak love of mothering to rise to the limitless heights of love!