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I Am You!

I  Am  YOU! January 1, 2015 On the surface we are all different, and one of a kind. Below the surface the ‘you’ that you are attached to thinking is you, is the real YOU. It is ‘me’ and everyone! There is one ‘spirit’, one day, one way. YOU are given the freedom to do

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4:10 Adele LIVE: Rolling in the deep by diaoleppi 3 years ago 31,985,886 views

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Guilty Women

Guilty Women January 9, 2015  It’s obvious that men are the most ‘guilty’ gender, however was the birth father more guilty, or the mother in raising so many male numbskulls? Maybe, it’s not as important as, the fact that everyone is in charge of who they are, and how they appear for a better world.

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Intoxicated With Power

Intoxicated with Power December 22, 2014 Does a night janitor alone in a diamond factory with no verification of his trustworthiness, but his word, have ‘power’ for the janitor? Does a politician, without neutral monitoring, to be trusted to not increase their well being by using their position to be trusted. Does a fox in

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Numb & Dumber

Numb & Dumber     December 29, 2014 Have never met anyone who wasn’t smart … in some way! It’s important for your growth of empathy and compassion to see what is special that each person has to offer. Among the positives may well be the opportunity to give you the choice to see that

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End of Love at 25

End of Love at 25 Dec. 27, 2014 Growth in love is generally over by the time a person reaches their mid 20’s. Without a concerted focus on most inner qualities, especially love, reaching the peak of what to expect for the rest of your life has likely been reached early in life. The peaks

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