8th Deadly Sin

8th Deadly Sin (not this one)
July 3, 2014
None seems to know why the 8th sin wasn’t mentioned, maybe seven was regarded as a better number? The seven enemies of the soul are envy, wrath, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth and pride. Perhaps the German Theologian and anti Nazi says it in the following statement which every American needs to be mindful of:

“In Germany they first came for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then the came for me – and by that time, no one was left to speak up.’’

The 8th deadly sin is called ‘Acedia’ (sometimes referred to as Despond). The term has often been forgotten over the centuries, but is utterly relevant in today’s world. Perhaps it wasn’t used because it is so difficult to define. Words used in defining it are common conditions today that the masses need to awaken from to save life on earth. It has been called the ‘monks demon’ due in part to their gazing into the empty boredom of their existence. It’s being lost in a masquerade. Are you lost in crimes to yourself before they happen?

Boredom, apathy, depression, escapism, despair, commitment phobia are just a few words to describe this demon that results in people more or less ‘rowing in place’ in their lives where love seems to be regarded as a mystery, or a door to hurt, rejection, and all forms of fears. At its Greek root, the word acedia means the absence of care. Acedia becomes a spiritual morphine when challenges seem to overcome one. An afflicted withdraws into their ‘turtle like shell’ to avoid discomfort, pain, and fears.  Having acedia is not all of these characteristics but one or more.

Are you a prisoner of the ‘looping negative’ mind or the fearful, dulled, protected heart? Like poison in a gourmet dish, it doesn’t matter how much, you wouldn’t want to eat it. Why would you want to ‘consume’ negatives that follow you night and day, year after year when everyone is busy with their own issues or blessing to be of help? Change your breathing several times a day breathing out the old, and  deep breathing in the new never before energy.  Why be a masquerade to life and love waiting for your harmonizing with it?


Love Transfer

Love Transfer  

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June 21, 2014
You are not, and have not been in love with anyone! Ask yourself, are you in ‘full love inside, and then with someone else who is likewise?  It’s a figure of speech to say you’re ‘in love with whomever’, and it just makes it easier to say to someone. However, it’s really an activation of the love within you, and projected out to someone else who may or not be displaying an ‘in love with you’ persona. Chances are extremely likely that you are not day in and day out, in a state of ‘loving within’ except for moments of that mixed in with all kinds of self doubts. 

Many experience being in love with someone without being in a state of love within themselves apart from anyone else. When in the mixed love/fear state with another in that same state, it’s always up and down conditional. Love from you to another that isn’t received on the depth that you give, especially when they are not totally committed to a full intimacy, is cause for using common sense and self preservation. That is a time to let go of the ‘partial love receiver’ and chose to just experience the love you have for yourself.

Letting go of someone that you love because they are not committing to returning the love wanted is often wise. Cutting off the ‘exclusive’ connection, and being open to moving on is just better for your health. The love you have for the other, if it’s real, will always show up within you, even as the years go by.

My experience of that occurred a few years ago when I and another person were seemingly very much in love. As a few months went by, it became apparent that the one I was in love seemingly equal with her changed, as she reverted to before meeting me when she didn’t love herself but marginally. Seeing that changing the lack of self love was futile, we agreed to live apart. Staying in my own ‘self love’ life was very nice for me. As the weeks wore on, I kept an open mind to her ‘loving herself more’. My love was very open. In a few short months someone else showed up who had full love of herself. My love transferred in total while meeting hers the same. Never did or have I to this day not felt the love I had for the first one as well as the 2nd.  I’m still in touch with both having the memory of very different experiences, but the love was really in both cases the love I felt inside apart from either. One could totally receive and give unconditionally, the other not. When you love yourself, it’s up to the other to do the same or not. Deep love regardless is within you.

Strange as it is, very few are open to give and receive a deep unconditional love. You can experience it with many at the same time, but circumstances dictate the common sense manifestation of the connection. Love is within you. Experience all of it, and connect with whomever feels the same appropriate to the time and place. Love is a miracle. You’re the miracle maker!

Mirror of Love

Mirror of Love
 July 1, 2014
Who you partner with is a mirror of who you are at the moment. Some go through different stages of mind and heart set. There may be differences naturally between you and a partner but where your energy and mind is when you connect is meeting theirs. Poor choice or good one, it’s an experience that if you are open and paying attention will be a teaching for both that may well either alter your next choice of partner, or in the case of remaining with the same one, will either go in another direction causing conflict, or you will blend together in harmony.

Love that flows steady and deep reflects as a mirror where you are at with your journey capturing the love within you. Unconditional, deep love reflect itself, but is a mirror to others who likely have love that is filled with clouds, thunder and lightening, earthquakes, and all fears that block the clear energy of love that’s unchained from limits.

On a clear day, you can see forever! When the heart and mind are clear you become a vessel for love as deep as the deepest ocean. Unlimited love is within everyone, but those few who walk in it are both blessed, and yet destined to encounter those with ‘mixed love’ carrying troubled fears that challenge them to a state of uncomfortableness that wants to always place the reflection on those who are the clear mirrors. Real love always is its own energy source by giving to another and others for the sake of giving with no expectation.

Love occurs with timelessness and mindlessness when the ego leaves. Love has to be learnt. Each comes into life with different amounts of love from before birth and afterwards. Few things just suddenly appear without learning them. You are born with a capacity for love along with a little ‘starter love’. Love is harmony with yourself, with nature, and with another.

Like a leaf in summer falling off a tree, you could see that love is gone.
Love, she was once our pretty little girl.
But we gave her hate & pain for bread.
We tore her apart with the claws of our conflicts & strife’s.
With our unforgiveness & pride, away we drove her into the wild.
Now the sun has gone down on our love.
The world is so cold without you love.
Daily she sat crying at our harsh words.
Now look she’s no more. © Francis Lyke

One broken mirror looking into another broken mirror sees both distorted reflections. One broken mirror looking into one ‘not’ broken, sees a broken mirror. The clear mirror must deal with the reflection of the broken one, and to a point can, while seeing beyond the mirrors cracks with hope.  In any case, the lower or broken always rules, unless they commit to rising up into a clear mirror. Commit to clearing bad habits, fears, and all obstructions from the past, and love will grow.

Short Term Love

Short Term Love
How<br />
 many faces do you see?
 June 29, 2014
Love in its deepest sense is unconditional, and doesn’t need anyone to ‘keep it running’. Life is NOTHING except the opportunity to love into its highest peaks. Chances are you’ve missed it in all previous lifetimes, except for conditional love that comes and goes like the weather in northern climates. Life gives a subsistence of love even for those who avoid it all their lives. A subsistence of love is like like the weather in London – gloomy most of the time, but here and there the sun shines. With that is how most all finish their lives, usually missing.

Love can be like a ‘bolt of lightening’ even coming at the last moments of breathing, if you let go of all the blockages of the mind. Some call it ‘enlightenment’. I refer to it as ‘inner-lightenment’. Being love is the highest being. Be loving toward yourself in all ways. Love is independent of another, but is very rarely able to evolve with no one receiving or giving of love. Deep, unconditional love becomes part of your soul that gives and receives to life and others to the degree that they are receptive. It’s beyond thinking.

If you deeply love yourself, stay away from those who don’t, or at least those with less than a total focus on it. Since that is not always possible, make the connection short and positive. Better to be alone than to carrying someone else’s unresolved issues in your life. Those ‘stuck’ on problems need to be managed to protect your precious time. Those ‘stuck on inner problems’, who aren’t evolving are best avoided with but very brief contact while sending positive energy to them.

Love is as strong as death. Love with hate or anger is impossible for real love to happen. Drop the masks and love will reach out. There can be no wall between two people for love to grow. Hate cannot transfer into love. Hate needs awareness to dissolve it for love’s seed to grow. Love comes only by loving. Without love, you are just a body. Love is the key to the divine. Love has no time, or possessiveness. Love is fueled by awareness and freedom. Real freedom comes only in love. Love most where it’s received and given!

Loitering Through Life

Loitering Thru Life

June 27, 2014

Most people are loitering on earth. In particular, those who are beyond the ‘survival mode’, and have risen materially and/or educationally to heights above the average person (who likely is just ‘existing’ also, but slightly more ‘excusable’). Loitering, in the sense most used, is hanging out with no purpose, and possibly panhandling (which if one needs to for survival, has merit). Until you are, as the evangelist Rick Warren says, ‘purpose driven’, you are existing as a form of loitering on an earth waking up from millions of years of more primitive life and conditions with endless strife.

If you are successful, raising a family, enjoying your hobbies, believing in god, going or not to church, struggling with continuing problems, and just being what you think is a ‘good person’, it’s likely just ‘loitering’, or hanging out wondering what to do next. Sound tough? Well, look buster, it took millions of years of your ancestors to get you to this point of ‘freedoms’, and you seem to think it means freedom to buy things, and just do what you gotta do day by day. Well, if there is a trap door to a hell, you’re standing on it!

Sin is not paying attention, and not what you carry around in your skull thinking it to be something you do that the man in the sky is taking notes on that send you step by step closer to eternal hell. Who says there is any ‘eternal’ where you’re going, or who says it’s not just a ‘blip in time’. Anything you do, and have believed is covered with stale cherry sauce anyway. Time to pull up your pants, look around, stop being one running on fumes, and commit by action to step in only a positive direction to evolving to someone if, there is or were a god, that ‘it’ would see itself as a mirror image in you!

Build some castles in the sky of your being! You’re not alone in this world of obstacles, mostly from other sheeple who are shearing other sheeple for their own pride and covert pleasures. Life is a trip! Why trip through it except for getting up, and making your ride better. Instead of just entertainment, try inner-attainment! The life you save starts with yours. Nothing you can’t handle. The ‘old world’ is still clinging on with those who you allow to control and manipulate you. Be not a ‘tragic soul’, but say ‘out out spot’ of the dead past as Shakespeare said in Lady Macbeth. It’s going to take a miracle to wake up, see, and move upward and forward into the ‘heaven of yourself’. Plan for a miracle! Just do it! No more loitering! Be the ‘post loitering’ soul that helps to awaken the light in others!

Good Hiding Love

Good Hiding Evil
The Mind Unleashed's<br />
June 25, 2014
One of life’s most strange conundrums is people who do good deeds, but yet have other hidden agenda that serve their selfish interests. Certainly for many years after college I couldn’t see that consciously until I read a book by noted investigative author, Jack Olsen called ‘Doc’. The true story took place in a little town called Lovell, Wyoming where the town doctor was loved by most of the town, until one woman opened up Pandora’s box that he drugged her, like many others who had been afraid to say anything, and proceeded to take sexual advantage of each, without them really being sure it happened. He had saved many lives, and the town men were adamant supporters of his ‘good character’.

That ‘Doc’ finally was tried and went to prison. In another book of Jack Olsen’s that I read shortly thereafter was the true story of ‘gypsy’s’ who would select an old man near the end of his time, but who had money. One would move in and service him beyond belief until he felt to include them in his will. They added light dosages of arsenic in his food, and in months he passed on. Later they would collect, and move on to the next victim.

Less evil, but certainly deceitful, are people who show their good side to get on someone else’s, but then slip into their old ways of negativity. Some, of course are slow to accept, and realize that they lead a person one way for their advantage only to let the enthusiasm ‘dangle’ into a negative experience for the one on the other end. Deception, lies, 1/2 truths, scams, etc. are like boomerangs, always coming back to haunt you. I have an ex girlfriend who was a 6’ top model in NY as well as an Evangelist for hire. We lost touch for many years until 2 years ago. Early on I suspected something was not right in her life of ‘goodness’.  A year later from our reconnection on the phone, she was charged in Florida for a multi million dollar Ponzi scheme where she charmed people into lending her thousands to finance her alleged construction company when in truth she would, at least in the beginning, pay back with profits that she got from some other contributor, and they were paid back profitably from another and so forth until the scheme fell apart. The ‘boomerang’ or karma came back in the form of a prison sentence.

Doing ‘good’ while hiding bad equates to all bad. Another example, currently is the many priests who did much good only to be caught harming young boys.

Love is never deceitful or harmful. Always the high road is the spiritual path of consciousness filled with inner peace and blessings.

Bullying Love

Bullying Love

June 24, 2014
Love is a gift to the giver and receiver of being in harmony with life as well as the spirit and soul of emotion touching the divine spark of truth and its manifestations. Love meeting love never has to bully or be non compassionate. Love is an aversion to all negativity yet seeks to always convert the negative to the positive. Staying above the frays of life’s mind games that are fear oriented is natural to love embedded in you. The tip of loves peaks are in the mind, the rest being in the valley’s of the heart.

The heart does not condemn the mind, but the mind may condemn the heart, and that may well manifest itself by thinking it is above the heart, not seeing the heart is a recipient for fuel to keep consciousness and discernment open in all steps in life. The heart does collect dust, unresolved anger, jealousies, prior conditions whose trauma caused the heart pain and infinite floating flotsam that lies in the heart like a stagnant pond. Forgiveness may start in the mind, but the heart knows if it’s deeply true or not. The mind can be an illusion mechanism that either stops sensitivities from passing on to the heart or confounds the heart by the mind chasing pleasures of the mind with the heart left out.

Love is a goddess of feminine energy and authentic power. That energy is trying to rise collectively in spite of the forces of the old guard that are very prominent with its domination and intimidation snuffing out the delicate goddess feminine energy.

Just yesterday, I had a small young goddess who spent careful time reading all my message boards one by one. I was impressed because she took the time, so I got up from the nearby park bench to thank her. To my surprise she was aware from newspapers that the city council had me in court to restrict my ‘free speech’ rights protected by the First Amendment. She well understood the issues facing the dumbing down and censoring of our freedoms going on right now. I was so impressed, I suggested she run for city council. She said she was too young at 11 years old!! I suggested contacting the newspaper anyway that she was considering it. What national news coverage she would get! She is a resident here but was born in the Dominican Republic where one of her parents was from. Delightful, fresh, and smart. She left her email. Her given name? ‘Te Amo’ (means ‘I love you’)!

Now that is Goddess energy! Adults who care little, and do little about compassion for others, including themselves, need an awakening right now, right here so we can see the consciousness of the planet rise in goddess energy!



Power of Friendship

Power of Friendship 

 June 20, 2014
Two heads are better than one. Two hearts together are better than many, many hearts not connected. ‘’Two are better than one; for if one falls, the one will lift up the other; but woe to them that are alone when one falleth, for they have not another to help them.’’  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

One of the most closely guarded secrets of the so called ‘elite’ is the power of powerful friends. The so called power people likely don’t possess the qualities of spiritual friendships, but do seem to recognize the tremendous power of connections. Working in the corporate world of New York right out of college from Oregon, I knew no one yet managed to work around others who had family ties, school, religion, and other social connections by hustling a little harder, and building a network of friends, although mainly not for business.

Many rich folks are bound by blood oaths and secret ceremonies that often include a few of the unsavory type as they begin to depend on each other for monetary gain. Putting competition for more income obsessively as a main life focus is not conducive to living with an open heart in a more spiritual way. Bonding into groups can make you stupid, and lessen one’s individual nature instead becoming more of a ‘group mind’ with forgetting who you are more. Certainly a downside of using the power of friendship in a negative way for more power often becomes a means for manipulation and control of others to their disadvantage.

Jesus is purported to have said, ‘love your enemies’. I say, ‘love your friends, it’ll help keep the others away’, but be vigilant and respectful of your enemies and negative types. Stay out of the company of those who lead lives that wouldn’t meet the mark of ‘godliness’, again with vigilance and a cautious openness for positive encounters with no expectations. Be in the mode of ‘hi and smile friends with everyone’, but spend your energy both finding the friend within, and cultivating those who would make the kind of positive friend you should have.

Friendships help the body’s auto immune system resist disease and all internal maladies. All bonds without friendships are shackle with little virtue in their maintenance. Other than a deep love with another or yourself, friendships are the truest and most perfect of all relationships.

Surrender to No One

Surrender to No One

 June 15, 2014
No woman need surrender to a man! Surrendering is giving up all you rights. Man still harbors a sense of the neanderthal beast in him, and is rarely domesticated in tune with the ability to love beyond ‘biological love, and the need for a mother to care for him. Most couplings are of a mother and an adult child who feels entitled to use his other as an ATM biological needs machine. Any woman who stays with a man that demands  her surrender to him overtly or covertly likely deserves the domination, but drop the neanderthal.

In many ways both male and female hold many qualities, negative or positive, that have no gender. Ego is one! Resisting the ‘male ego’ requires the ‘female ego’. Truth is neither has gender, and the ‘clash’ doesn’t work for love and closeness. Be concerned or aware of your own ego. Watch it and see that it is an obstruction to love. You can’t do anything with the other’s ego. Fix your own, that’s all that’s possible.

Cancer is cancer, neither male nor female. Same with the ego, in fact ego is like a cancer of the mind. Love is ‘egoless’!  When love enters each for the other, it is the love that you surrender to. No need to surrender to the other. You both meet in the middle in the invisible scintillating energy that comes between two who merge with the electricity that merges into one in a surrender. Letting go of all barriers in a deep trust, love blossoms of its own accord as if by magic.

Any man that demands that you surrender is not in love but creating a negative codependency. Freedom comes in love. Nobody needs to surrender to the other. The surrender just happens, and if two people are in awareness and their heart it’s a continuing phenomenon that goes beyond the physical connection. Becoming one is real love, and yet ironically you become an individual like never before, and not dependent on the other for love fulfillment.

The ego destroys love as competitiveness sneaks in. Surrender to love yourself with no ego. Then you can see clearly if the other is also doing so or struggling with their ego. If they are, and not willing to acknowledge it by being in awareness and the heart and in vulnerable communication about that, move on! Love melts the others ego or it doesn’t. Rarely is it worth the long journey because you feel love! It is YOUR love, not theirs! Negativity in relationships has been scientifically determined to possibly cause heart problems, and who knows what else. Be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and surrendered in love as much as possible for the greatest joys and blessings.


Smart Phony

Smart Phony

June 17, 2014
Millions today use ‘smart phones’ to facilitate quick answers to their every question pictorially or by voice. Perhaps all of life is an illusion from one perspective, however since you are here, it’s only an opportunity to be wide awake with discernment to ferret out the relative real from fantasy.

The mind can be a ‘fantasy land’ mixed with every imaginable perspective possible, and often not aligned with an inner sense of comfort, self love, positivity, groundedness, etc.
The mind can be an enemy, or your best friend. Look around, few are not carrying their worst enemy on their shoulders! And, it follows you where ever you go! Not only that, but the mind can pollute the heart and make it a contributing enemy. Two enemies in one body will create more enemies in you!

The ‘ego’ tries to be smarter than the clear mind making it ‘phony. Smart or not, it seems to be the rule of most people’s thumb to be someone they are not. Call it a coverup or just an undisciplined ego out of the invisible cage. IQ is a misnomer in that it misses measuring most of the qualities which make up potentially an evolved human being. Robots appearing very human are now in existence to perform certain functions. Sadly, most humans are little more than robots with chattering minds that only convince other chattering minds of anything.

The brain can be a deceiver to the outer world with it’s abilities to be clever, rationalize, and cover up or whatever as to it’s limitations of serving a real genuine human. With a fearful heart that closes at the slightest sense of love from another, or blocked from the minds obsessions with clinging to enemies of the past, the mind will not operate from a flow of love. The mind and heart support each other for good or bad. A healthy heart and mind is open to explore all, and is without fear except of common sense.

Intelligence is when the heart and mind are a couple working and playing in tandem with each other to communicate life’s blessings. Be wide awake, see through the minds programming for answers that elevate it to the highest positive sights of everything. Always know who you really are, and always beyond the smoke screen that hides both you and from others.

Take time to love and be loved. It’s the greatest gift you have!
The spiritual secret in here in a popular song by Katy Perry:


www.directlyrics.com › AZKaty Perry

I’m wide awake. Yeah, I was in the dark. I was falling hard. With an open heart. I’m wide awake. How did I read the stars so wrong. I’m wide awake. And now it’s …