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Question Truth

Question Truth July 3, 2015 Are you ready to hear the truth, or just ready to hear your own limited perceptions? To be oblivious to what’s beyond what your perception is, is to dance on the fringes of illusion. What you see, cognize, feel, or intuit may or may not be what is! Everyone falls

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Religion is Incestuous

Religion is Incestuous June 29, 2015 Religions have value, but….Religions are still being created by man and his ego for control. Most groups, organizations or whatever you want to call them become incestuous, turning into something that was not intended but was usually for a good intentions. Religion today is needed, but for those who

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Lovenlightenment Alone  June 26, 2015 One difference between ‘enlightenment’, which is to be in a natural, sustained bliss, and lovenlightenment, is like the difference between practicing a sport by yourself versus in tandem with another where, in either case, the ‘shining’, divine love, permanent natural joy, etc., envelops your consciousness. The mind and heart in

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Profanity is Godly

 Profanity is Godly July 6, 2015 Profanity is not loving yourself! Being uncomfortable with who you perceive yourself as being is ‘counter life’, and profane to your real self. Profanity is initiating personal judgment on another for whatever reason. There is no profanity possible from the loving heart, even when words are said that are

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Sleepopolis June 16, 2015 There are over 400 billion stars in the Milky Way! You don’t even want to know how many ‘milky ways’ there are! Where do you fit in? The world today is controlled by technology in the minds and hands of the ‘moneyed elite’ and the politicians controlling the ‘industrial military complex’

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Save God

Save God! June 21, 2015 It’s blasphemous to anthropomorphize God, and close your mind to see beyond what you do. The word ‘god’ has been bantered about and expunged from it’s real meaning. Really, no one can adequately describe with accepted accuracy what ‘god’ is, but for those who know not what they claim. Giving

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