Pot, Christianity, and Buzzards

Pot, Christianity, & Buzzards

 August 21,2014
God’s Alive! Christianity, however is but a dead corpse for ‘buzzards’ to clean off the bones. The buzzard farmers are the 500,000 trained religion sheep herders that go by the name of Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, Imam, Reverend, in other words ‘religion salesmen’. Religion has been trapped by the ‘boiling frog syndrome’. 
Put a frog (s) in a pot of water and start heating the water. As the temperature of the water rises, the frogs are able to adjust their body temperature accordingly. The frogs keep on adjusting with increase in temperature. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frogs are not able to adjust anymore. At that point the frogs decide to jump out. The frogs try to jump but they are unable to do so, because they’ve lost all strength in adjusting with the water temperature.
Very soon the frogs die. What killed the frogs? Many of us would say the boiling water. But the  truth is what killed the frogs were their own inability to decide when they had to jump  out. We all need to adjust with people and situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust and when we need to confront.
As the water got hotter and the frogs began fighting, over this and that, like today’s humans, the water boiled, as the buzzards started circling. Comes a time when we need to face situations, and break loose from our ‘dream world’, and see that we allow others to exploit us in all ways, and will continue to do so unless we ‘jump out of the situation’ before there is no more choice.
Now about that boiling pot…it’s time for Christians and their ‘handlers’ to smoke a few joints so they can see they are asleep in bed with baby Jesus. ‘Jesus Christ’! wake up, and that’s what Jesus Christ means. Waking up may not be comfortable and the light may be a bit blinding, but a few ‘hits’ once in a while will let you see what you’re not seeing! No human is more than a parrot or a robot and tool for the religion handlers and politicians if you don’t ask questions for ever and ever. Even the little child knows that! They are always exploring for answers. Time to step out of being a nincompoop in a daze, and awaken while opening your heart even if it hurts at first. Time to let go of fears and step out of the ‘god’s protecting me comfort zone’. Anyway, no one knows how to describe ‘god’ exactly, just love.
At some point, shoo both religion and pot away, and see that this so called ‘Kingdom of God’ is within you. Let the mind remind you that it’s in your heart. The brain is for steering, the heart is what makes you go and evolve beyond racing the engine and going no where. And, the buzzards are traded in for the invisible ‘angels of love’!

Giving as Deception

                  Giving as Deception
August 14, 2014
The way things look are not always the way things are!
‘There is nothing like giving’ is a ‘trick’ statement! There is a popular aspect of ‘giving’ that is evil, or borders on it. On one hand giving might be godly, however it can invite ‘taking’ on the part of the receiver which can be a smoke screen from seeing what’s behind the giving. One who receives from the heart and awareness suspects what’s behind the smile of deception. Giving with secret motives to one who doesn’t question the giving is exposing the greed of both the ‘giver and receiver’.
Since everything might not be what it seems to be, be aware. The world is filled with ‘good’, but along with greed, lust, self interest, and every type of deception imaginable. Part of our lessons on earth is to elevate consciousness and to acquire the discernment to tell illusion from reality. Giving in its genuine form is to give without expectation of any return. Giving is ‘just because you have the feeling to give’, the gift in return is an invisible, warm, feeling of love, and comes as it was given from the heart. Give in godliness and receive in the same state of godliness. 
We were all given life, as well as the seeds of love whenever we are open to give and receive it.  Giving and receiving both are blessings. They are a form of prayer! Look inside you  in the moment without the mind, and you will see and feel the vibration of a nourishment of the soul.
The more you are in the heart while with an aware, discerning mind, the more likely you can see deception. That deception can also be one with ‘strings attached’ that only later can be used to acquiesce you to doing something as an obligation for the prior ‘giving’. Giving sometimes is out of insecurity in hopes of winning someones heart. Giving conditional love is deception. Take away all emotion and giving loses meaning.
Giving is a blessing nearly always, as ‘the thing to do more of’. The ‘covert giving’ which hides ‘taking’ is reason to see all sides, and question if your instincts are tweaked to be suspicious. 
Authentic giving with no expectation is circular with the silent further opening of the heart of gratitude. Love has no strings attached to it, and neither does giving. Receiving can be uncomfortable for many, but two hearts opening is a blessing. Be ‘the giver’, download the mind of motives and upload the opening heart.


Cuckoo Time

Cuckoo Time

August 18, 2014
The lights and cameras are on in the world! It’s ‘coming out time’ after millenniums of being in the closet with everything. If the ‘situation’ represented a new love partner in your life, well make it a one night stand, if that! To ‘expose’ means there is something hidden which needs to be addressed, and corrected, or incarcerated. 
Too many billions are running around in ‘beliefs’ without questioning. Today, a fella emailed me and said, he’s ‘confident that his belief is correct’. Now, ‘confident’ suggests hope which is belief, and ‘belief’ alway entails doubt, or it would be a fact, where no belief or confidence would be necessary. Does anyone say they are ‘confident’ that their partner loves them? 
People in America seem to think …whoops, cancel that. People in America are consumed by looking for the next ‘treat and/or the next paycheck’ complaining about how they are not happy about things except sometimes, or once in a while. No thinking decisions are popular! People here give all their power to politicians and corporations by serving their appetites without concern that they are consumers   contributing to the ‘cuckoo conditions’.  The vast majority are entrenched in habits of yesteryear. The result is in purchasing less than today’s best choices that more concerned citizens are working hard to provide. That’s adding to the cuckoo-ness! 
Now we have pills for everything! Big Pharma is even working on pills that reduce the need for all the pills people take. Women can have a pill to prevent pregnancy while males have a pill to make them a ‘man’ in bed. We have more people in jail and prisons than dozens of countries combined, then when the folks are released, no one will hire them. We now outfit cities police departments with unnecessary big military equipment from Iraq and Afghanistan. We send members of our cities police forces to Israel to learn their aggressive military methods.
 We send over 2/3 of our production to other countries. We’ve found a way to compete by having the enormous prison population work for pennies on the dollar so corporations bottom line looks great. 
Truth is censored by corporate controlled media because of their advertising, and fears of loss of revenue from certain blocks of people. We have 10’s of millions who are strapped financially for 15-20 years of their lives in school debts. All the while ‘baby boomer’ types with double incomes have driven up home prices to the sky so the younger are lucky to afford a rental trailer while saving for their kids college, not to mention costs of divorce, therapy, and nonsense buying.
The ‘cuckoo’ is endless.  The easiest and most contributing action is to be who you really are, find that positive being, then contribute the light to a world that will contribute to turning cuckoo’s into human beings into ‘being human’. Everything changes for the better by loving yourself …on the inside. If ‘love’ isn’t working right for you, stop being a cuckoo, and find out how to make it be right! Texting love won’t work!


Trailer Trash Love

Trailer Trash Love
sheeple family
A typical Sheeple Family
 August 12. 2014
Drifters and abusers of the beauties of love are akin to those stereotyped as uncaring, bad habit addicts, sloth-like folks who live with disregard for life’s blessings. Rich or poor, makes little difference for people all over the world who have little regard for how their personal lives look. I would call it ‘personal abuse’, be it consequences of substance abuses, early environment, non caring, low standards or whatever. These bottom feeders seem to relish being ‘eyesores’ both in how they trash their environments as well as their ‘self worth’. 
Trailer trasher’s refuse to take control of their lives. Self help, meditation, love growth and serious care about themselves and others is sporadic. Always, it’s a childhood that festers in their being that they choose to not let go of, and take the lessons as opportunities to lead a life avoiding the prior pitfalls. 
Trailer trasher’s are of many types. A strange and popular one is one who seems quite wonderful, and may lead a seemingly good life, but they are ‘love trasher’s who never seem to rise to a sense of consistent love. Often they mate with a similar ‘love trasher’, again one who may seem quite normal, but both with fear of intimacy.  Their communication consists of lots of ‘outer talk’ of what’s going on with the weather, work, and everyday activities. They are often consumed by some outer activities that serves unconsciously as a diversion from looking at themselves,  and letting go of the compartmentalization of prior ‘bumps in the road’ and traumas. 
Oddly, when answers to their silent suffering present themselves they throw them to the trash by paying little active absorption of them into their lives.
Life on a mundane or three dimensional level has choices, and choices that, if they can be visualized, are available. The choices to always be evolving while opening the mind and heart are the most important. Choices on a higher level are always one choice! That choice is to follow the high road of all situations. To be godly is to always be discerning while with an open heart and mind!
The organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who is the Boss. Each organ took a turn to speak up: 
Brain……. .. I should be the Boss because I run all body functions. 
Blood……. . I should be the Boss because I circulate oxygen for the brain. 
Stomach… I should be the Boss because I process food to the brain. 
Legs…….. . I should be the Boss because I take the brain where it wants to go. 
Eyes…….. . I should be the Boss because I let the brain see where it’s going. 
Asshole….. I should be the Boss because I get rid of your waste. 
All the other parts laughed so hard and this made the asshole very mad.
To prove his point, the asshole immediately slammed tightly closed and Stayed that way for 6 days, refusing to rid the body of any waste whatsoever. 
Day 1 – Brain got a terrible headache and cried out for relief 
Day 2 – Stomach got bloated and began to ache terribly 
Day 3 – Legs got cramps and became unstable
Day 4 – Eyes became watery and vision became blurred 
Day 5 ! – Blood became toxic and poisoned the body 
Day 6 -The other organs agreed to let the asshole be the Boss. 

Fly Above Negativity

Fly above Negativity
 August 17, 2014
Why feed a negative moment or memory? Let go and walk on, or when in the moment use the best options you can think of. Negativity is a part of life as is positivity, love, no love, fake love, misery, happiness, hate, friendliness, and everything. Nothing exists without its counterpart or opposite. If everything was positive then no one would have to be in harmony with their situations, and could just live with no regard for results because they would always come out positive, which is ridiculous! There must be darkness and light, sleep and awakening!
The difference between people is some make decisions leaning for positive outcomes, and some leaning to the negative. The ‘negative’ is a great teacher starting with the new born child who begins with little consciousness to feel their way step by step. We never stop having situations that arise challenging our use of faculties on how to respond or react. An animal’s life  is set. Either they avoid dangers or not, but they have little choice other than what they are programmed for within their limited faculties. You can use a fork, spoon, chopsticks, or hands to eat. They have not been blessed that way.  
You can be in love many, many times if you choose, as well as not, or something in-between. You can sing a song of love verbally or in your heart, or choose not to. In a way, you have no other choice but to always seek the positive, but life does present challenges which may seem impossible to rise above the negative moment. But that door is always open be it seeming to be locked. You have no choice but to breath and seek the higher for best results. Why would anyone seek less than the best? The choice is not there for the conscious and deeply loving. If one is in a state of love with someone they have no choice but to continue loving them ’til death do they part and even beyond. Love that’s conditional, creates a choice to go backwards with unseen consequences because they were living in the world of ‘choice’. Breath has no choice but to keep breathing until life makes a choice that is beyond you.
Love is a choiceness choice as is breathing! Always seek harmony for resonance with all, especially to the higher unlimited realms within. Those who fly highest see more, and vibrate with the divine love. Always see yourself as ‘ how you show up, and how others see you with a laugh, and relax, staying in the moment, just being. No past, no future just watch the breath as love fills the vacuum left from the chatter letting go. Walk in love, and fears disappear!
Inline image 18

Wives & Lives

Wives & Lives
August 8, 2014
Today the husband can be the wife, and the wife the husband! With gay couples, usually one is the wife and the other the husband. This is the age of the iconoclast where the old roles and paradigms of thousands of years ago are being let go of. All icons, prejudices, standards, religions, bigotry, illusions, etc., are being challenged faster than people are collectively adapting. Technology and ideas are challenging old ways of living even of a few short years ago. The human mind is still embedded in the last century, or past centuries. The female has suffered more unnecessary abuse throughout history such that they unknowingly are imprinted with conditionings that often no longer work.
Question all aspects of oneself. Life on earth is a school for evolvement of the human spirit and the collective consciousness. For thousands of years and more, it was ‘pre school’ for humans,  then came primary grades, where billions are still struggling in today. Inventions and spiraling technology have catapulted earth into the ‘university level’ for tens of millions. The challenge requires almost ‘instant evolvement’, or you are left in prior  centuries. Until recently, the average being on the planet didn’t even have toilet paper, half may still not!
Women were baby machines, and slaves to a man to cook, clean, raise kids, and be a sex recipient. Still that ‘life style’ consumes most females today, sadly. In growing areas of the planet, women are in a place for freedoms that never existed before, usually though, it requires their choice to ‘break out’ of old conditioning, stereotypes, and all roadblocks to personal evolving into an enlightened spirit. The moment is unlike any ever for everyone to become more than a wife, husband, or any repeat stereotype of thousands of years of broken lives.
The most important opportunity to enrich this incredible time now is to make ‘love’ without a doubt, your number one priority. Whether it be through ‘self examination’ in conjunction with forms of meditation and it’s breathing methods, or through the love path with another, love fills your being with life’s peak energies creating an inner freedom of bliss, joy, and well being otherwise impossible.
Choosing the ‘path of love’ with another, there’s a very high likelihood that when you see who you love in the highest light, a vibration will happen between you that will cause your love to see the way your beloved wants to see you too! When two become ‘one’ in heart, mind, and spirit,  both will feel the greatest freedom possible while each blossoms into a full individual. Always see the twilight in the road up ahead!


Old Woman in a Shoe

Old Woman in the Shoe

 August 5, 2014
One thing that make Jews different than all religions is the popularity of telling all from childhood to ‘question, question, question’! This morning as I looked out my kitchen window into the fog, were two 3 month old baby deer very independent of each other just lying down staring off into space. Most animals have little if any discernable communication between them. Strangely, most humans use less than 10% of their capacity to communicate with each other. This weekend a couple at my free speech display let their 24 year old beautiful white parrot sit on my hand. Not only did it have a lot to say, but when I stuck my tongue out at it, it said, ‘I don’t like that’!
A popular English nursery rhyme dating back to the 18th century is, ‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe’. There are many interpretations of what the verses mean. From my point of view, the title is particularly relative to people today who live in a ‘box’ of yesterday filled with ‘do’s and don’ts that become their lifestyle with little variation up ’til death. Many wear the same ole shoe or mindset that they took from their childhood with few adapting variations as what ‘defines them’.
Like the little deer, that munch grass and greens while staring ahead, most have nothing to talk about  other than the mundane. Fear of stepping outside of the ‘old shoe’ to inquire about who they really are beyond the ‘facade’ that they call themselves is a ‘no go to zone’, even if it comes up in conversation. Today is the age of ‘everything’ especially communication of knowing ourselves, and paying attention to what’s going on in the world. Billions are trapped asleep in their old shoe,  with a few 10’s of millions who are free by ever expanding their minds and hearts.
Before anything can happen in your evolution, you need to sit in the self where you will begin to feel an energy you never felt before. Why be absorbed in your melodramas? Sit relaxed in the seat of your awareness, breathing slowly, and beginning to feel the energy spirit come up from within. Hang out with ‘self’ rather than all the inner disturbances. Just stop being involved with loneliness, depression, meaningless distractions, bad habits, negativity, etc.  Awareness releases the shrapnel of the mind. A sense of freedom coming in awareness will cancel inner conflicts, and allow you to just watch inner disturbances. The inner flow is a sense of bliss where you will walk in the world rather that the riff raff of the world walking within you.
‘’It may sound odd, but the fastest way to get to a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation. By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situation, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you. But if you rail against the injustices of your current situation, you hold yourself in vibrational alignment with what YOU DO NOT WANT, and you cannot then move in the direction of improvement. It defies Law.’’
Deep, relaxed breathing brings awareness bringing up love enveloping your whole being!

Fear of Friendships

Fear of Friendships

August 1, 2014
At first glance of the title, most would jump to the conclusion that it’s impossible! Nothing could be further from the truth! People fear ‘friendliness’. Walk down the street and try to be friendly, or in a supermarket, unless you have a knack for friendliness, even you fail at that, let alone the stranger who you’re being friendly to. Facebook on the internet allows you to be friends with infinite numbers of people just by clicking on the ‘request’, then very little if anything happens after that! People have gotten into the habit making potential friendships into remote acquaintances that can be forgotten in days.
Females in particular fear friendships with the opposite sex, and no one can blame them either!
Likely, it started in childhood with an over demanding father, no father, a sexually abusive adult, societal unhealthy programming, etc. Fear of how the male will treat them, and the consequences that will possibly happen, create any variety of personalities to thwart closeness.
Males have rarely found absolute control within themselves over their wanting to have their wishes fulfilled, and usually for biological reasons, overt or unconscious, toward who they are  attracted to rather than let the more vulnerable make the choice, or perhaps in unison.
Typically, women avoid rare males who are evolved enough to just be a friend. They  unknowingly project fear that the male wants more, or they feel insecure, and strangely even if the woman wants more. Females can be insane in not seeing whether a man is with high self love, compassion, empathy, personal communication skills, etc., or just a regular guy. However, somewhere, even in their centuries of male abuse in the DNA programming, fear is lurking. That ‘fear’ is a block of Mt. Everest proportions to get around if the passion, and action to know and love themselves is not being activated.
I have known many women who stay with a man or ‘pine’ over a relationship that’s going nowhere, but close themselves off from a rare male that is willing to be just a close friend, and no more. Inner evolvement happens when you are open, and that openness seeks another who can communicate from a position of strength with respect to your wishes.
For anyone who is on the ‘love spiritual path’, nothing but harmony should be sought, and with someone who can measure up to that. As I just told a 35 year old attractive, shy friend in LA on the phone, seek the deep friendship. A guy who is more evolved will love it and expect nothing. Drop expectations of where the relationship has to go, as he will also if he’s evolved. Friends that have deep meaning are rare, and often don’t exist. You never want to be the problem. The other, unless waking up, is destined to sadness and well, nothing. The answer to life is simple. Love of yourself and another with nothing left out. Oh, and don’t forget to drop the ‘fear of change’, and be the change! That’s the spiritual path!

Imagine No Religion

Imagine No Religion

July 26, 2014
Religion is like food stamps for the needy! Often I’m asked if I pray, and always by a Christian. My answer is, ‘everyone does to some extent. Prayer is affirmation of the positive, and no religion is needed’! Muslims pray more often than all other religions, and it’s based on the teaching of Muhammad who no non Muslim can relate to once they have heard of his background which would land him in prison for life in this age.
Any doctrine which separates people into, we are right and if you don’t agree, you’re going to eternal hell is hogwash! Any belief that says, my god is only in my religion, and satan is there for everyone else is …well, suspect! Intelligence can move to higher levels of consciousness apart from any religion. Certainly, a Buddha, Muhammad, or Jesus didn’t say this is my religion to  follow, nor would any ‘holy person’ who’s authentic require following him!  Notice the ‘him’! Where are the women who are to be followed? Even ‘God’ is a he, or Father! Isn’t this ‘mother earth’? Why not ‘mother in heaven’? Who’s been there that you or anyone physically has known who can talk about it with common sense?
Life seems to need ‘hand rails’ for people who have no idea what will give them security and hope in life. Without questioning, religions are the handrails. Freedom is necessary for people to believe or follow what they choose. Millions need to grasp onto religion and it’s caretakers who administer the encouragement and hope that their interpretation of a particular ‘holy book’ provides. Nothing wrong in that unless you get stuck in not questioning and learning. Who would want to stay in primary grades in school? They are ‘handrails’ for a certain time in the young person’s life. To accept words that someone says as the ‘word of god’ without serious questioning is the ‘eight deadly sin’ which has been left out by the centuries of those who are
‘directors and interpreters (middlemen) of religions’ because they attract those who have it.
The eighth deadly sin is ‘Acedia’ which is not easy to define but basically covers people who fear the unknown, and look for ‘ready made answers’ without questioning because they are too lazy to find answers by themselves.
Society is ruled by dictators or politicians that find it convenient to have people in boxes of thought that can be controlled by their helpers, the priests, rabbi’s, imam’s, or in other words ‘religions salesmen’. For the non questioning and fearful there is no comfort in the truth, instead accepting an authority figure espousing words of god even though it is following contrary to what other ‘authorities’ would espouse. Religion is defined as ‘a way of life’. The best way of life is love, awareness, discernment, and with a little spice called ‘humor’!

Reboot to Innocence

Reboot to Innocence
25 Unpublished Photos From National Geographic's<br />
 July 23, 2014
Life is a process of moving away from the original innocence. A clear mind and heart vibrates with innocence. Most children are raised with the incompleteness of parental consciousness that harbors ignorance and fear passed down from the generations. Children are taught with misinformation and mis-reinforcements along with judgments that are assumed to be gospel. Baby’s are filled with wonderment, and a clean slate susceptible to outside stimuli for conditioning. The outer world is totally impressionable for future behaviors.
Life in the mind and broken or closed heart piles up obstacles to innocence and a freshness of being higher and higher usually resulting in problems emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Emptying out what’s not serving a positive healthy being is akin to emptying the ‘trash’ on the computer that no longer serves your interest. Kicking out the unnecessary is to ‘reboot’ for a new start.
Stress, bad habits, unnecessary fears, self doubts, apathy, anger, denial, the list is endless to let go of to start fresh with an open vision each day.
I’ve made it a point to track friends, relatives, acquaintances for years, especially those with correctable liabilities out of curiosity to see if they would change for the better. Sadly, rarely have I found all but small percentage who’ve moved upward in evolution. The exceptions give hope that focusing on ‘rebooting’ does happen for those with a passionate intent. No one has said that moving beyond what obstructs growth is easy, but it’s easier to do nothing, and with decreasing results. When a ‘slacker’ of change is confronted, they typically have an array of  excuses to maintain the ‘status quo’.
Innocence is bliss! Bliss is never knowledgeable. A person filled with knowledge is never blissful. The famous biblical story about Adam was that he was turned out of the garden of Eden because he ate of the ‘fruit of the tree of knowledge’, and lost his innocence of a child to an ‘ego’. Ego comes from knowledge. Knowledge is a subtle possession, and that possession creates an expanding ego of superiority. In a way, ignorance is bliss. Knowledge corrupts. Treasure ignorance, but with awareness, and innocence survives. Knowledge today can be ‘googled’ on the computer. An overloaded mind is a mind of the intellect and not of intelligence which is from awareness with a heart full of love.
Detach from knowledge, and move into innocence. When you love another, knowledge can’t be claimed – it just is, and mysterious. You are not a robot that follows life in a groove. Learn to breath deeply, and let all knowledge go. Tune in to the inner! The inner is ‘esotericism’, the opposite of the outer or exoteric. The knowledge you need will be there, but only when it’s necessary. Otherwise, innocence with awareness is the bliss and joy that’s your right! Innocence brings excitement. Excitement creates a new beginning each day, fresh and anew.