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Give & Expect Nothing

Give & Expect Nothing March 2, 2015 It’s going to take a miracle, but the good news is ‘you are the miracle’! It’s incredible that after ‘all of time’, you are here, and now at this very moment! The universe seems infinite with its millions of galaxies, and yet here you are. It’s time to

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I Found God!

I Found God! February 21, 2015 Every kid is told about the ‘man in the moon’! No one really thinks about it though! God is that man in the moon!? God is the moon always watching down on everyone on mother Earth. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t figured it out yet. I can assure

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Change for Love

CHANGE for Love   February 27, 2015 Your choice: Up and down love, or a rocket to the heavens?! Love comes with life, like a plant poking through the ground unaware of it’s fate. Cared for in the best way, the plant grows into it’s best potential. Uncared, or poorly cared for, the plant grows

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Home Share

Home Share This was the Yesss Center 2 blocks off Venice Beach, California with about 5,000 Sq ft. (house is in two parts with the back one 3 stories). In my live in-meditation center were over 25 people. Lived there 8 years. Actor Dennis Hopper lived one house over on the right. March 11, 2015 Can

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Merging Souls

Merging Souls February 17, 2015 People’s minds merge with what they spend time in thought with. You are what you think, or what don’t ‘think at all’. What you have become, you have nurtured, and allowed yourself to be what you are no matter what came before in terms of positive or negative experiences. We

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Censorship of Love

  Censorship of Love March 4, 2015 I am a ‘whistleblower’, a whistleblower on ‘cheating love’! Love as ‘cocktail love’ means love that’s conditional because of impediments mixed in with the love. Just because you feel an emotion that touches your heart from time to time does not mean that you are not cheating ‘full

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