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Aging Positively

Aging Positively November 7, 2014 It starts at birth, continues into teen years, then adulthood where each one is responsible to clean up whatever needs to be let go of that is not life affirmative. Adulthood is about rising in spirit and mindset above whatever came before. There has been no better time on earth

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Deafening Love

Deafening Love Nov. 1, 2014 Love at some point after time in a relationship usually gets set adrift where except for ‘peak’ moments, it experiences a loss of hearing, seeing, feeling, and you can’t beg, borrow, or steal the sensitivity of feeling the heart anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Love can become extinguished and discharged into

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Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual Warrior October 29, 2014 Don Quixote, from the famous play, ‘Man of La Mancha’, was an aging man on a quest to fulfill his dreams for his and all life. However, some part of his madness was exposed when he mounted his horse while in battle gear to fight the dragon … that was

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BE PASSIONATE … NOW! October 26, 2014 Todd Beamer who died on the 9-11 plane commandeered by terrorists over Pennsylvania yelled out for passengers to grab the assailants with passion in saying, ‘‘Let’s Roll’’. Todd was my girl friend’s, at the time, former boss while working for the computer giant, ‘Oracle’ who use to, upon

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Order, Order …

Order, Order … October 28, 2014  Order, order in your court, and your ‘court’ is the condition of reaching the clarity of your consciousness. In everyone, there is a peaceful valley, mountain top, or just a place where you are in full relaxation from the mind that can be in turmoil. There is an ‘order’

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Comeuppance of the Heart

Comeuppance of the Heart October 21, 2014 Karma? A retribution, punishment, or perhaps an outcome that one deserves. We usually bring on what happens to us.  A lazy, blocked heart,  or a heart and brain thatrepels or walks away from anything deeper than superficial, and that they don’t want to deal with, creates a comeuppance

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