Love Your Enemies?

Love Your Enemies?                                                        
August 27, 2014                                                                                                                                                         (Princess Di)
Taken literally, it’s absurd! Impossible!  Rather, it’s wiser to position yourself harmoniously relative to those or things which you perceive as standing in the way of your journey in life. If that’s ‘love’, well I don’t think that’s what all but a rare few would interpret it that way. In the worst case, stay out of sight of perceived ‘enemies’. Normally enemies are people who create varying degrees of uncomfortableness in you.The ‘three words’ are a defining and an important saying in the bible’s new testament which no other religion has postulated. It’s a ‘parrot mind’ that doesn’t question what the possibilities of meaning are, especially when it comes to so called ‘dogma’ that becomes set in stone.
Question is, how many of us really have enemies? ‘Friends’ is a word used too loosely these days including ‘Facebook’ people we only connect with once. Maybe there should be a new type ‘social computer network’ to connect with enemies? Most of our so called enemies are just people we don’t jive with, or things that could injure us, but we don’t refer to as enemies.
The real major enemies are all within yourself if left un-exorcised. Some of those enemies are hate, anger, fear, laziness, acedia, slovenes, greed, avarice, lack of compassion, on and on. These liabilities may well have begun in childhood, and into adulthood slowly grew more prominent. Call  these enemies ‘bad habits’, and they fasten themselves or ‘hard wire’ themselves to the point that without intention and persistence in detaching from them become like ‘museums’ within. Someone you’ve known decades ago with bad habits will likely have the same ones.
Want love … and with another? You’re NEVER going to get it more than as a cocktail with these ‘enemies’ unless you’ve taken the time and passion to do some forms of meditation to ‘unhook’ the pull these ‘critters’ have within, vamping what little love you possess. There are only 2 spiritual paths to distance yourself from these inner enemies. One is love in connection with another you’re in love with, and that’s a near impossibility unless both are in tune to focus on helping each other rise to the positive heights of harmony. A rare few are ready to harmonize in love with no inner enemies. It’s possible if one has no inner enemies to lead the heart of an open and willing partner with enemies to the pinnacles above the clouds of love into a mutual light that is ‘aware intoxicating’. The second method to rise in spirit is to immerse yourself into deep meditations until the barnacles of enemies become unattached.
Love shines fully in the aloneness of an emptiness from ‘enemies’ within naturally,[ and of its own accord. Enemies are final until awareness and love radiate enough to dissolve them. When you truly love yourself, you don’t have enemies. They may hate you but you’re too big to hate them back.

You are Your Partner

You are Your Partner

September 11, 2014

People have a ‘vibe’ about them. A vibe or frequency combines the unconscious and consciousness of someone, or in a coupling, the combination of the ‘four’ (your two plus theirs) to create a ‘couples vibe’. This individual ‘vibe’ usually starts in childhood, and follows throughout adulthood, varying from individual to individual. The childhood experiences of love or lack thereof shape a personality for better or worse. You alone can ask yourself, ‘would you like to be with someone very much like your inner self day in and day out’? Yikes!?


WE are not the body, but a spirit here to learn with all aspects of the body, mind, and heart to manifest the spirit, hence the term ‘spiritual’ or the focus on the consciousness of love. Herman Hesse said, ‘there is no reality but the one within us’. You ultimately are the writer, director, producer and actor of the script YOU write. No matter who or what injects itself into your life script, you are the writer, and can choose the content of the outcome. Choosing a path out of fear, self pity, or anger is to follow a closed heart and mind. 


People change partners sometimes thinking they are getting a better deal, or ‘the next one will treat me better’.  But, usually you are part of the problem, and unless you and your next selection have cleared your baggage, or are uniquely bonded to evolve at all costs together, it’s the same ole same ole. Just another ‘set of clothes’. Although, there are infinite examples, I have a periodic visitor over the years, who no matter how nice the place is, opening her bedroom door is as if messy burglars had ransacked the room. Her mind matches it. Once in a while she’ll spend hours cleaning it, and all’s wonderful as with her demeanor. Next day disaster! On the opposite end, and as troublesome is the ‘perfectionist’, also is a troubled soul!


The ‘vibe’ or energy we give out connects unknowingly with a similar fit. If one lags behind within a relationship (in denial of course) over the other in consciousness, the denier is likely to ‘light the match’ to destroy the connection as a ‘victim’ leaving the other hanging in the heart. We are each alone with ourselves, and can accept that, or be actively looking to be the love soul you really are, and you will be a magnet for a real soul mate. Broken soul mates are not soul mates, but confused souls looking to mate (looking for love in all the wrong places), however finding that life only fills their cart with things they’d rather avoid. Be a Santa Claus of love, and feed/give that which creates happiness in the others heart, and ‘BINGO LOVE IS A DREAM INTO THE NEXT DREAM WHERE ENDINGS ARE NEW BEGINNINGS! Why be an imposition to love?

Flip the Script!

Flip the Script!

 September 8, 2014
The ‘routine’ you follow is akin to the ‘script’ in your life. In ‘real estate’ vernacular there is a term called ‘flipping’ or buying some property only because you see the price of real estate going up in a short while, and you can sell or ‘flip it’ for profit. To ‘flip the script’ is to do the unexpected, or to deviate from the norm. An unexpected win or an unexpected gift may be the gambit to take stalk of your life as to what needs to be done to improve it. In a sense, ‘flipping the script’ is to reboot a particular circumstance or maybe more. 
During life’s journey, most of us begin the journey of adulthood after finishing the ‘factory’ education such as studies at a college, and then enter the work world, often without a clue what we want to do. I flipped the script many times on different levels. Upon finishing studies to graduate with credits toward a Masters in Eugene, Oregon I did a 360º on a whim, and went to NYC not knowing that it was anymore than a vacation. Had no idea what I would look for in work once deciding to stay, and forgoing law school. I knew I needed an occupation with ‘freedom’ to be on my own. After near 20 years in Corporate Sales & Marketing, which I enjoyed, I ‘flipped the script’ and headed to California to teach meditation and start a spiritual community. Many ‘flip the scripts’ since, but still following that decision along with writing and free speech displays.
Getting ‘locked into’ less than your heart feels best with is to ‘swim upstream’, or getting nowhere but where you are, or backwards without evolving into a more enlightened being.  A life with no movement of the inner upward and more conscious is to miss being who you can be. Regardless of what you do in the outer world to survive and enjoying things and things to do, the inner you beckons for recognition from that you that does little introspection. 
Life is always changing, be the change! Nothing stays fixed! Be ready for whatever comes. That’s meditation! Be open in the mind and heart. Take on all challenges with the spirit of making the best of the situation, and then ready to move on to the next moment. Change the script of what you are unhappy with yourself. It may not happen overnight, but the intent can happen in an instant. You are no less than the best person who ever was, you just have to arrive at that awakening. Have a sense of laughter always ready, then move forward, upward, and onward for a flight into the joys of knowing yourself and life’s blessings! Flip the script, and buy yourself some flowers once in a while!

Close Your Mind

 Close Your Mind!

September 6, 2014
I have told some that I have at least the ‘world’s most closed mind’! American’s have seemingly polarized themselves into conservative and liberal. Perhaps that imprinting has been bolstered by the politicians fighting for some imaginary territory that pulls voters their way making each side one to avoid, at least according to the opposite side. Although most things are a mixed combination of colors or types, the masses have collectively followed the pied piper of categorization into one of two groups. 
Reality is quite different than putting everything into ‘black and white’, or one against the other. The mind that is split into one way or even both ways is a mind against the self. This is a new world, and not the world of the 20th century and earlier, but a world where it’s more intelligent to live with ‘no label’ attached to you. Life as a positive being who is always growing is far healthier than living in a pile of thousands and millions following everything but their hearts. With all the modern technology that defies imagination of a few short years ago, the ‘brain technology’ has yet to escape the shackles of the past centuries.
Why not close your mind to all negativity, unless it can be converted to something in a better light. A closed mind to negativity and open to positivity is a blessing. Deeply in the heart and positivity comes on its own accord, but  it is always wise having as an insurance to use awareness and discernment as ‘friends’ too. Be like a computer that has a trash ‘click’ for unwanted reading. Negativity is learned, and with the tools of the positive side to eliminate it forever. 
As a teen, I came up with a way to assist being positive, and it works especially when another agrees to always assume you mean the best. Ask questions of the other to assure that your ‘assuming the best’ is correct. That simple ‘trick’ of the mind applies to your inner thoughts and feelings. Turn everything into the best understanding that is available at the moment without being not cognizant that some thoughts or feelings are meant to create challenges in thinking and feeling. Don’t hide from what life comes up with, but be in the heart and reach for the best answers. 
The more and deeper you love yourself, which creates a centering and balance within, the easier it is to face negativity as an opportunity to turn it into a more manageable situation. The ‘sacred yes’ is always to say yes, without ignoring the negative!


Constipated Talk

Constipated Talk
September 4, 2014
Can’t get the words out to match your feelings, or someone is causing you to be polite, and censor what you have to express? Welcome to a world where censorship of some kind is the norm. Words are just sounds. Sounds that billions don’t know what they mean, yet they rule the whole world, and nearly everyone’s personal world. One word can have many meanings depending on ‘who, what, where, when, and how it’s said. Two people deeply in love can by pass all that with total communication like an endless flowing river. Outside of that, open total communication anywhere is nothing short of a miracle!
Miracles aside, most communication is using ‘skillful means’ to size up the situation in terms of the receiver absorbing correctly what the ‘talk giver’ is sending in terms of meaning. Even then, the ‘receiver’ can choose to hear exactly what’s meant, interpret it in a negative way from what was meant, or if ‘negative’ was communicated, turn it around in a positive way. Words can be written on a persons face. Stay centered and come from the heart.
If you don’t open your mind and heart, only broken, guarded attempts at communication are likely. Marriage or living with a partner is life’s blessed opportunity to have no restraints on communication. Having agreements, that mostly don’t come naturally, on allowing the other to say anything, and if not understood or hurtful to have a prearranged plan on opening a compassionate dialog so both are one. No restraints with an open mind and heart creates more love automatically. Constipated, repressed, insincere, controlled thinking and interaction is ‘anti love’, and hurtful to both. Open dialog creates a stream of intimacy that is a light unto each, and felt by the world you encounter. 
Always be letting go of all negatives that block harmony. Seek those who feel and act the same way 24/7, and life’s challenges won’t have ‘broken’ communication in the way. 
Avoid if possible all life that limits, censors, omits, or engages in negative talk and action. I’m in a multiple month court case over public communication at this time. Totally unnecessary but those who make the rules, called the city council (politicians), were unwilling to communicate directly their feelings about my free speech displays. Instead, I’ve been to court 5 times with two more visits at least in a trial.  The charade wastes the tax payers money while going around the Constitution and Free Speech in the Bill of Rights. Inside, I laugh at the absurdity of it, however it has every possibility to lead to major newspaper coverage where I can promote simple ideas for others to make a difference with just a couple hours a month to communicate thoughts in public to make it a better world.
Communication begins with you making a choice to clear your barriers, know and love your real self, as well as attracting positive interaction with another, and whom ever you encounter.


M o m s

August 30, 2014
The ‘womb of time’. One thing we all need, even moms agree, is moms. All moms are what they can be, but sometimes not quite what their heart tells them. Moms are angels to bring in new life in hopes of a life that will add to the world. Momming is caring for the precious as natures response of instinctual love. Sometimes it’s not their choice to greatly sacrifice their life as it was for what came to be ‘you’! You will always be part of the love of ‘moms’ as she will always carry in her the love that was created from out of her. 
The world needs everyone to be a mom! What macho man can’t involuntarily transform inside himself when he sees a day old child look at him and smile, or that one year old run out ahead of someone with glee. Who can’t have the strings of their heart feel a love at seeing a baby even from one of natures animals. The innocent child always stays in everyone from ‘moms’, but life’s challenges usually deeply bury that child within the soul to protect it from what some people become. We need to be the mom to nurture it back to the innocence of that time long ago.
Every mom wants to be the best mom, and if she struggled to reach that, always know in your heart she tried with what circumstances she had.
Dads are ‘moms’ too! A ‘mom energy’ is something all humans need to access, for the nurturing love is there. A real man reaches into his heart for all the love that we all have within but for ignoring it, and living primarily on the physical and mental planes. A loving, compassionate man giving to a woman with children makes her not only a better partner, but helps her to be the mother that the ‘one day adult’ child will forever be thankful for. 
I was blessed with a mother who, given her less than happy background, was able to give her ‘all she could’ to myself, brothers and sister with the help of my dad who was part of the parenting combination that I would be happy with life time after lifetime. Dad was an ‘Officer & A Gentleman’ ironically in this town where the famous film of that name, starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger was filmed.
Regardless of your childhood, know that the spirit of blessings on earth is always a divine mother and dad awaiting your openness to experience the gifts that are available if you let go and live from the heart with awareness. Love is a mothering! Life at its peak needs, and must have the energy of mothering. Every woman appreciates being reminded that she is a mother, and needs to be affirmed from the heart as the spirit of mothering goodness and godliness. Give love and it comes back to bless you!

Loving Yourself Sucks

Loving Yourself Sucks*~X( at wits' end

August 25, 2014
It’s great to love things about yourself be it looks, money, popularity, fame, athleticism, adoration by others, and all outer entitlements. Has something sheltered you from looking inside yourself? Have you created an ‘immunity’ or protection around you that keeps you from going inside to find the beauty that is the real you? To a significant extent you are the product of prior conditioning especially from your early years and that environment with whatever experiences you faced. Slowly you learned unconsciously to adjust to the ongoing years challenges, and for most that means building an immunity to your inner beauty, which you may not even have experienced enough to know its there. 
The reverse of sheltering or building a wall around your inner expressions of who you really are is to know that inner self, and be immune from the ‘outer self’s’ experiences adversely affecting seeing who you really are inside. Your outer self has reached its ‘shelf life’ without an intense focus on your inner self beginning in this moment, here and now. 
Life is like a forest. When entering a forest you have to be aware, and yet know your limits for the journey to where you want to be. Makes sense that you’d want to find the best place that’s practical and available for you to find. The challenges are unknown and infinite. Wouldn’t it better to have a guide to trust who has had the experience of the forest where you are headed? The ‘forest’ is akin to your higher self of love. The quest is to find the nirvana of your spiritual self where deep love lies to nourish you like never before. It’s easy to get stuck because of your past, and what you haven’t let go of. The journey to your superconscious love is fraught with diversions and confusions that block you from getting to your opening heart. Still on a love path there are many invisible levels of experience. The rare few who’ve reached higher levels than they could have imagined, are the very blessed ones.
Highest love takes resonance in perfect harmony with another, yet someone who doesn’t find that on the path still has the opportunity to continue opening their heart or to use meditation as a path to enlightened love. Time is short, life is fleeting. Best to stay focused on empowering your life from your heart first.
Love in it’s deeper and deeper sense rarely can happen with out a guide of the experience which you seek. Why admire the moon when it’s possible to go there? Nothing surpasses the personal experience that is your own. Making your life happy by always seeking the outer with the inner lonely and waiting for your awareness is a recipe for sadness, depression, and emptiness. All need the feeling of love!

Who You Love is a Mirror Image

Who You Love is a Mirror Image

 July 25, 2014
You meet and love your partner as a mirror of what you think and feel about yourself. What you ‘get’ is what your vibration attracted for good or otherwise. Look at the other one as you in a different body. You may have different background, skills, likes and dislikes but your energy in the beginning mirrored theirs. If you loved your inner self, you attract someone who merges with that, even if they are on the cusp of loving themselves likewise, but perhaps the attraction is your mutual love can bring that out of them.
If you have dissatisfaction with who you see yourself as, and are not likely to do anything about it, that’s the same energy you will likely attract. Things go less than expected because you and your partner gave less than was possible. Everyone is beholden of lessons for your choice of how you react or respond. When your ‘vibration’ is high, you will only attract those that fit into  your vibration. Low vibrations only ‘vampire’ higher ones, ultimately resulting in a repositioning as a ‘non fit’. Lower attracts lower, and the ensuing challenging experiences.  
People who mainly find themselves attracted to the outer with little attention to the ‘inner’ of themselves and the other will be disappointed when the love is often missing later. Love is for those who are willing to let go and love with all their heart! Love is not for ‘people of the mind’ or those who value any other aspect of life more. Mixed love is not the way of godliness. Distractions to love will lower the experience of love, and hence the problems that follow. 
Indulge the self! Not the outer, but the inner for it’s all you’ve got that will go everywhere you go. There is always ‘here’ with the ‘you’ that you perceive with or without clarity. The inner love or lack of it will be your guide in decisions you make. Love and awareness bring wisdom for life’s journey. Life and love are cause for celebrations. Why miss all the celebrations?!
Throw your hands up in the air, and reject the round and round of the rut you’ve dug yourself into. There is no way to raise your vibration but through your intention and passion to keep the commitment. You are not ‘broken’, but for your perception of being so. Have moments of breathing deeper while letting all thoughts fly away. You are the clear mirror, but for the dust that waits your wiping away. Love yourself more and more, and life will be filled with joy and hope alone. The universe will give to you as you give to life.


Christians Love Gay Marriages


 August 10, 2014
It’s wonderful that so many Christians are now supporting Gays! After years of supporting war after war all in the name of ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’, it’s about time that these ‘devil worshippers’ who call themselves ‘Christians’ are coming out of the closet of closed mindedness! Notice that ‘closet and closed’ are related? Life is about ‘questioning’ everything to find the highest answer, and then being open to examine that as to how to move higher! Christians have exposed themselves as being part of that ‘club’ that is behind all wars, called ‘religion’ or legions for ‘I’m right – you’re wrong, and ‘dead wrong’.
More and more as I talk to ex Christians, they say that they are not part of any religion and prefer not to be called, Christians. Instead, the more fundamental ones, are vociferous about going direct to Jesus as god’s chosen son! Can’t help but wonder why god didn’t have a ‘daughter of god’? That puzzles the devil out of me. Hmmm? Maybe that’s the answer to getting the devil out of you! On third thought, maybe there was just a spelling error that’s been passed down for decades about the ‘son of god’? Maybe it was mean to be ‘Sun of God’, or perhaps the sun is god or ‘godly or something?
After all the sun does rise from the dark like cave to give blessings to all. Maybe that’s the second  coming. The rest of  the story is perhaps that there is night and day, and day comes second. Or maybe … Well anyway, sounds like the Christians are the second coming as they awaken to see that the sun gives life on earth, and without it there would not be any religion or whatever. Maybe it’s all ‘words’ for the peddlers of holiness to support their families, and at the same time to use an analogy to give the ‘slower minded’ masses some hope to cling to that they can grasp.
Religions don’t love one another as shown by the endless fighting among them, particularly in the middle east where everyone is claiming it to be their ‘holy land’. On second thought, some like the Buddhists want nothing to do with that crap. Even they don’t like the word religion!
For endless time, it’s been a ‘man’s world’, and it’s about time more men get together in love for each other. Then again, since god has really screwed lots of things up, maybe he’s using this ‘gay love’ as an experiment out in the open to see if there is some answer to making it a better world than one man having one woman committed for life until death do they part. Any slipping from that, and there is eternal hell! Does seem like a lot of ‘indian giving’ going on by god who gives and takes back? A god that motivates more prayers from the most violent religion needs a lot of mothering, or just paying attention to who he really is. Then again, maybe the ‘violent’ need to pray the most so they won’t be violent?
Is god the sun that supports life? Is god love without which you are left in the darkness of bellicosity? Anyway, LOVE with awareness is always the way of godliness. The heart is like a bottle of perfume. If you never open it nobody knows it’s there. If you keep it always open soon you will lose your fragrance. So act wisely!

Victim Love

Victim Love

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 August 23, 2014
Avoid looking at yourself by blaming the other? Couples specialize in pointing the finger at the other but are part, if not all of the problem. Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady said, “In the long run, we shape shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” 
I’ve had an off and on connection with someone for years watching them go through half a dozen relationships always having complaints about the others mostly verbal abuse, but I’ve also been aware of their partners. Both were looking at themselves in the other, and their uncorrected issues from childhood in every case. Victim people seem to attract other victim collaborators endlessly. Over many years, I’ve watched from a distance, this victim’s pick of partners. Neither has this person or the ex partners taken hold of life and evolved beyond their dilemmas. It’s as if they all have the same dissonant, chattering tape in their heads that just loops over and over.
Strangely, most playing victim don’t seem to be aware that they are, somewhat because they are mostly involved with those who are also playing victim. In this case, it’s easy to blame another’s faults which may nevertheless be accurate, but while de-emphasizing your own. Oddly again, in a work environment where the skills of accomplishment are necessary for survival, the same victim mentality is usually nearly invisible. The ‘victim mentality’ seems to mostly come out in interactions of personal closeness. Always its best to look ‘under the hood’ of yourself, and always be focusing on ways to correct annoying habits. Take responsibility for the faults, being in the moment and not making the past the victim, or the reason why you come up short from your best side. 
‘’You are this or that, and did this or that to me, and it’s you and only you!’’ Strong love avoids all of this ‘blame game’ converting it naturally to looking at yourself, and in compassion for the other. This is the moment in all of time, to awaken the Buddha, Christ, godliness, etc., within yourself. Why hold back? Let go! Be free of the demons and conflicts within including the ego that thinks it doesn’t have to. You in the light will transmit the lamp ofInlightenment to many others whether you are aware of it or not! Nothing else is as important as you knowing yourself and filled with love. If nirvana within doesn’t come from the ‘resonance’ of love with another, dive into meditation. Breath deep, stay in the moment, and be the watcher of what comes up!