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Question Beliefs

Question Beliefs February 12, 2015 Accepting any belief when there is the ability to question it for veracity is the quality of a lazy mind. Jokes are always made about the habit of men to not look at a map or stop and ask directions if they show any sign of not knowing how to

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Loyalty in Love

Loyalty in Love  February 1, 2015 Concern, empathy, compassion, and ‘just love in the heart’ should always burn for whoever you love active or not in your life at the moment. Real love for another, and yourself, is always with you wherever life brings you. There is no conflict in feeling deep love for more

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Dumbing Down

Dumbing Down February 4, 2015 Ah Yes! Intelligence growing is the antidote! Don’t confuse intelligence with intellect. Intellect is ‘brainpower’, often coupled with an innate ability to recall, or as it’s called, being ‘eidetic’. ‘Eidetic’ is a vacuum-like cleaner for picking up knowledge, like today that which can be found on the internet’s ‘Google’, IF

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Judgitis January 30, 2015 People over value themselves into a state of self importance where they develop a  ‘condition’ that is habitual in making assumptions of others that defies compassion and common sense. An ‘itis’ is an ‘inflammation’, in this case, an inflammation of the mind to not make discerning analysis of condemnations, mostly being

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Bedroom Employee

Bedroom Employee December 24, 2014 A ‘bedroom employee’ isn’t necessarily a prostitute, but there could be implications of it, it’s all up to you, and who else you bring to bed! Communication of love in and out of the bedroom with someone you love is the right use of intelligence. With the one you love,

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Living Cadavers

Living Cadavers  January 4, 2014 Nice people are often silenced by the atrophied ‘get up and do something useful for themselves and others’. Maybe they will turn around and change? Maybe, but always ‘not just yet’. Always, later. Now it’s all the later it’s going to get! Why rock the boat of complacency? Becoming like

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