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Trigger the Nigger

Trigger the Nigger March 15, 2015 The minds of the ‘sleeple zombie’s’ are easily provoked into a state of ‘fighting with’ their conditioning, ignorance and perceptions. There are supposedly 7 words that cannot be said on mainstream TV to mollify the tender, selfish perceptions of a few. Most of humanity at this point of ‘breakout’

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Right On! Right On!

March 19, 2015 Why fall into a routine of seeing things from a negative point of view. Looking at a lot of things with a down, whiney, doubtful, suspicious, apathetic, closed minded and heart point of view will color your life ‘gray’. Time to light up with color, excitement, happiness, and general positivity!   Right

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Root of Stuck Love

Roots of ‘Stuck Love’ March 22, 2015 Getting to the root of the problem is to see what, why and how something started, then escalated to a problem. With the case in most lives, it’s getting to the roots of why ‘love or your life doesn’t work as it should’! It reminds me of a

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Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love March 27, 2015 How do Venture Capitalists of Wall St. have any likeness to love? Aren’t Venture Capitalists all about money and greed? What could that have to do with the opposite of love? Maybe taking a closer look at what a venture capitalist does will begin to draw parallels. They are

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Winds of Change

Winds of Change  March 14, 2015 The winds of March are blowing. Seemingly blowing out all the old from Winter’s darkness to open up a new dawn of enlightenment. Winter is letting go is a metaphor for each person to do some Spring cleaning of what ways and thoughts have accumulated to dampen down fresh,

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Love Saves

LOVE Saves!  March 29, 2015 ‘Jesus Saves’ won’t save anything but your imagination, no offense meant to Mr. Jesus and the 1/2 million religion salesmen in the US who preach Jesus as the last word. Now if anyone wants to wave a flag that ‘Jesus Saves’ cause the bible tells you so, DO IT! When

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