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Initiator Angel

Initiator Angel  May 1, 2015 Why can’t everyone be an angel all the time instead of ‘fallen angels’?’Fallen angels are created spiritual beings who rebelled against God.  Angels are used by God as messengers, warriors, and servants.’ Everyone has the ‘angel’ inside them, but due to ‘self generated’ distractions for whatever reason, the angel is

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Bible Thumper Sex

Bible Thumper Sex May 8, 2015 All mutual sex is good! If it hurts someone other than those in the act of coital romance it can have consequences that are unfavorable. Sex to superconsciousness is a method to elevate the consciousness above and beyond what the normal enjoyer of sex sees and feels. Sex to

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Take Me to Church

Take Me to Church Hozier – Take Me To Church – YouTube April 24, 2015 We came into this world sick, to live out our life among the sick, as well as the many blessings we receive! Religions are run by herders of the sheep. We need them at this point in time, but

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Letting go of ”Stoned”

Letting Go of ‘Stoned’   April 23, 2015 Your inner life likely was ‘set in stone’ by the time you reached adulthood. As you reached some point in early adult hood, the ‘cake is baked’ so to speak. Your inner future will either deteriorate, grow, or remain somewhere in-between. The choice is yours, and not

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In & Out

In & Out April 10, 2015 Not just a burger chain in California, but right there with the secret of life! The world runs on the fuel of ‘in and out’! If you don’t think so, take the air you breathe. If the ‘in and out’ doesn’t work after a very short time, you’re gone

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Waves of Love

Waves of Love April 11, 2015 As you close your eyes for the last time, your journey into divine love begins with a new breath. There is no end and the beginning is always present in the moment. Love follows you, and has been your silent partner forever even at times when you couldn’t feel,

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